First pair

Okay, so they are not perfect, but they're not bad. I had a lot of firsts.
How easy are they? Time spent sewing; 40 minutes tops. Time spent re-threading the serger and trying the singer straight stitch zig zagger (didn't work out) and setting up the buttonholer on the featherweight (love this tool) and making black thread bobbins and learning that straight stitch doesnt' stretch; 3 hours.

But, I bet I could make the next pair in 40 minutes. Unfortunately, real life intervenes.

I'm off to cook.



Vesuviusmama said...

Very cool! These are on my list of things to try, hopefully in less time!

Hazel said...

The first pair always takes the longest , I can see you wearing these in your garden .Hope there comfy .How about summer PJ bottoms for the family ?????

Michelle said...

Great job! Don't give up.

Irene Onderweegs said...

will look great with the shirts you're gonna make!
Irene from Amsterdam