twelve squared


That's how many followers I have. I noticed today. I've been watching the number climb and getting excited to see it grow. I think part of that has been because of my varied interests and I think part of it is because when I'm on my game, I'm interesting (and when I'm not, I bore even myself). But, you've stuck with me through those long and boring times and lately, I think I've sent a couple of interesting tidbits out into the blogsphere.

There's the post on indifference, which was very popular and drew both comments and private emails. I was surprised how many people are, like me, trying to find another way to deal with pain and was pleased that some found out they were not alone. Of course, there's no way to link up those that thought they were alone so they can know they are not, unless somebody speaks up. And, I was glad I did.

And, there was the ship pattern that so many thought I should publish. If only I knew how (he says wistfully.) But, before I can think about that, I have to finish the darn quilt. And my inability to focus on one thing for too long at a stretch means that might take a while.

I hope I've inspired someone to sew for Project Linus or to another charitable organization (Britches for Boys...I'm just sayin'. That was some easy sewin'). If I were to challenge quilters to make a project a month, and if I shared the easiest scrap quilt pattern in the whole wide world, would anybody accept the challenge? And, if I gave a place to share pics, and you accepted the challenge, would you show us your projects there? My weekend is going to be devoted to finishing a Linus quilt that is already pieced (so you'll get to see the easiest scrap pattern in the world next week).

I know some of you found me from Bonnie Hunter's blog. Luv me some Bonnie work. Sorry that my RRCB got stalled. I let myself get one step behind and now I can't seem to get caught up. I did get the last blocks attached this morning and now I can proceed with the pieced border. I'm looking forward to getting this one finished and quilted as I need a new cuddle lap quilt. My old one has been drafted into service to protect the sofa from the pets.

Some of you found me through Peter's blog. Peter is a sewing inspiration to me. I don't want to quit quilting, but I would like to expand my horizons so I can further justify owning so many sewing machines ;-). Maybe, if I get really courageous, I'll show you pics of the coat I made about 8 years ago out of an old, striped, wool blanket. I would very much like to take that apart and try again. I can do better. I've learned a lot in the past 8 years about sewing and even more in the last 4 months about garment construction. If you laughed at my 60's era sewing book that I was reading, you might be surprised to know that I learned a LOT about making clothing from the parts of it that I was interested in and now I'm reading one from the 80's that is also packed with information. I skip a lot. I don't need to know how to line an A line skirt. But I'm reading about patterns and interfacing and fabrics and tailoring from them (and poor Jane Austen languishes on the bedside, waiting for me to get back to fiction). The 60's era book also told me how to make a tailor's ham and I'm going to give it a try. Hey, what the heck. Worst that can happen is it molds (the wool is supposed to be wet when the ham is packed) and I throw it away, but since I'm making it from things that are scrap and junk I've held onto like it was the grail, I've nothing to lose. I'll post pics of how that goes starting over the weekend.

Some of you have been with me through two blogs, one of which was lost to the blog-o-sphere (probably for the best). You've seen me grieve and rage and depress (not correct grammar, but hey). You've encouraged me and given me great advice through some really difficult parenting. And, you still keep coming back.

To all twelve squared of you, Thank YOU. I watched Julie and Julia this morning and I have a new appreciation for how blogging has changed me. I think it's made me a better person and I hope you've found something here you like.

And, I'd like to give a big Thanks to my man. Rob, you've put up with my obsessive sewing when you'd rather I was doing something else and you've learned about quilting so that you could be part of my hobby rather than...well, because you've been so great, I don't know what the "rather than" would be. Thanks for being part of my life, hobbies and all.

So, with my traditional ending; Take care. By that, I mean Take care of yourself, take care of your loved ones and take care of your life.

My favorite movie line..."It's like she had a life, but she didn't feed it and it wandered away."



Sunshine said...

Yay for you! And there there are those of us who read every day and comment often, but don't bother to follow :) So who knows how many regulars you really have!


Anonymous said...

Count me in as a reader, but have never signed up with anyone to be a follower. I'll have to learn how to do that sometime this year. Keep up the good work. cindy

Becky said...

I've been here for a blog and a half, I guess! You're one of my faves. Love you much.....for real.

Mad about Craft said...

I would take up the challenge to make charity quilts. I want to make small lap quilts for wheelchair users at my place of work so your challenge would spur me on.

ShelleyK said...

Oh, that's GROSS! (Get it? 144 is a gross!) I usually have to explain that one, but hope that another number nerd out there thought it was funny.

You know me - I'm too busy to do a lot of sewing, but I'm going to start slow and challenge my neighborhood to a day or two of pillowcase sewing for kids in the hospital. If you need a use for your machines, or have brightly colored fabrics left over, feel free to help out!

Hazel said...

I'll join your challenge ,this should be fun .I to have followed you for two blogs ,you blog is one of the best .

Terri said...

Count me in as another reader, but not follower (well, now I am). I usually just link from Bonnie's blogroll, and you are the first one I go to. I love your posts and your honesty, and if you were in my town, I would love to get to know you and be a friend! Love ya, Terri in BC

Coloradolady said...

Lane you totally made my day! Thank you!! I am not pleading the fifth....LOL!! I think this is a great challenge.

Anonymous said...

Okay, ya talked me in2 it...I'm following your blog!

I don't blog, but I've had you in my Google Reader for a couple of weeks now. I see when you put a new post up...then I run in here to read what you wrote. heehee! Guessing you have a lotta peeps who read like that who aren't numbered among your followers. NOW, I'm both!

I found you in early Jan 2011 thru Bonnie. I went back and read your archives from the first day. It was several days of enjoyable reading. You're quite a writer!

Now, that I'm caught up...I want more!! Haha...no pressure. :-D

~ PattiLynn in Tx

Tennye said...

I always enjoy you, even when you are down and out. You seem to come back though and that is the important part, right. We all have our down times, I know I am going through one myslef right now. Keep on blogging man.

Tammy said...

Hey Lane,
Congrats on your 12 by 12 followers and growing. I'm delighted that you share pieces of your life with us.

Irene Onderweegs said...

So... I am a follower now too!
Cheaper by the dozen (and the gross) don't you think so?
We'll sew - and sail - along with you when you'll share patterns to make life more beautiful also at the other end of the rope, where folks just don't make ends meet on account of their circumstances. And about slacking down on quilts: I got mine speeded up when I marked them to be given to someone special. It might be a good friend or some dear relative in need of a hug-forever.
Don't be bothered bu not knowing how to concentrate: grown-ups score some 3 % on the scale of adhd, me being one of that bunch. The shrink hesitated to give me the speed needed, but I am thriving on it. Finally some projects finished ;^}
Irene from a dark - still - and rainy Amsterdam