All ready for the shirt sew along and more.

My pattern came in yesterday and I could hardly wait to get ready for the shirt sew-along, although now I have three weeks to wait.

We went to JoAnn's and I found a wonderful rust colored blended linen and picked up thread and buttons. All set. After it was cut, I saw the red check shirting for $2/yard and grabbed that, too. My first shirt will probably be made from that. The linen blend was on sale and not that expensive either, so either way, even if I don't like the result, I haven't lost much.

They had all their red tag wall on half price and I picked up these. I never feel guilty about buying neutrals, and I just had to have a piece of that blue. I can see that being borders on a small quilt. I wish I had bought more. But, alas.

I'm off to finish a pair of britches for boys. I've seen the folks that are doing this twice on the news in the last few weeks. And, each time I have...well, let's say I've been moved to the point of tissue. Anyway, the first time, I thought "I can do that." and that's all I did. But Hazel over at Sew Crazy made a pair and today, I pulled all the t shirts out of the goodwill box and I cut one out. Still need to sew it together, but that means changing thread on the serger...blech!!!

I have 4 different threads on it right now so I could set the tension and now I'll have to commit to one color because I don't see making boys pants with pink, black, red and white thread. Not that the boys would care, but I would. You know what I'm sayin'.

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Get off the 'puter and go sew something!



Peter Lappin said...

Lane, while you're waiting you can practice your flat-felled seams! ;)

Becky said...

I am also intriqued by Hazel's Britches for Boys and once I get a little caught up in my projects I am definitely going to make some of these!

Hazel said...

I had no idea what a flat felled seam was so I Googled it ,thats one tip I will use , thank you Peter ,Lane you have some great friends .

Vesuviusmama said...

OK, I'm getting off the computer to go SEW something! Thanks for kicking me off!

whimzeestitches said...

Oh I tried the linen shirt thing this summer, only took me the better part of the day to make it... I liked the outcome but I said, I think I'll stick to the quilting and embroidering rather than the garment sewing.

Debra B. said...

I do not enjoy threading my serger either. Here is a trick i learned. Cut the thread near the cone. Remove existing cone and add the new one. The the thread ends together. Repeat for the other cones. Now pull the thread that is under the foot. Be very careful not to pull so hard you break thread. Watch carefully and ease thru tight spots. At the needles, while keeping the thread taut I run my fngernail over the knot just at the needle hole until the knot pops thru. Hope this works for you.