Red plaid shirt in the light of day

I've had the night to think about it and here's my honest critique of the red plaid shirt. Rob agreed with everything that I found. First, the shirt looks good. Fix a couple of problems and it's perfectly suitable for either of us to wear to work. Unfortunately, the fabric is not a good one. It's like a knit instead of a woven cotton and it stretches and it has a lot of bulk in the seams.

Like this shoulder seam. Way too much fabric in there. And, that half inch I added to each side? Ididn't need it. I'll be taking that back out of the pattern.

An, dthe cuffs are too long. I made two adjustments to the cuff and only needed one.

So, now, it's deciding whether the shirt is good enough to take both cuffs off and take one shoulder out. I'll have to decide on that. Not happening right away. That knitted fabric is nearly impossible to rip a stitch out of. We'll see.
In the meantime, here are 165 very hardworking safety pins in a Linus quilt that needs to be seen to.

But first, mas de Espanol.
Have a great Sunday. Lane


Piece by Piece said...

Lane, your shirt is certainly looking good, great job.

lw said...

We're always our own harshest critics.

Keep in mind that on the stage, they say that anything smaller than a dime is invisible-- and these issues only show if you really look for them.

Sunshine said...

Lane - is there a reason you pin right over the seams? I was always told to avoid that - does it give you any advantage?