redrawing my pattern

This morning, I started redrafting the pattern for my men's shirt for the sew along. The muslin came out just a bit too narrow, even though my chest measurement is exactly the size on the pattern. There's just no wearing ease to the pattern and I feel a bit constricted in it. So, I'm adding a half inch into the center of the back, which on my second muslin didn't throw the front of the shirt off and because even that half inch wasn't enough in the chest, I'm adding a half inch on both sides, front and back. So, across the back of the shirt, an extra inch and a half and across the front, an extra inch. Part of the reason for the half inch up the center of the back was because the collar is just a bit too tight. Again, even though the pattern said 16" neck and I measure a 16" neck.

The body of the shirt is very tailored and I really think it will benefit from the extra "girth" around the middle. I'm thinking this pattern was made for what my body looked like in the 80's when the pattern was published and that is not quite who I am anymore. And, that is the closest concession you're going to get to the fact that I haven't lost one ounce of the 5 pounds I set out to lose early this year.

What can I say. I am a stress eater and am currently content that I'm not gaining any.

This weekend, we need to take the kid for a haircut. She got a beautiful soft razor cut a few weeks ago that gives great body and life and softness to her hair. So, of course, she uses a flat iron to kill all that and the fact that all the hairs are different lengths and stick out is driving me nuts. Can't get the flat iron out of her room, so going for the concession and getting it cut to iron. You all told me, "let the hair thing go" and I'm sharing that with Rob. But letting it go doesn't mean it has to look...crazy. If we're going to concede, then let's do it right.

Okay, that's all there's time for now. Off to work so I can attend day two of a conference. Everybody have a great Thurs. Lane


Traceyleezle said...

I am happy to let my 14 year old daughter do whatever she pleases with her hair. It's definitely a battle I feel okay with letting her win. It makes some of the other current battles a lot easier.

Becky said...

I remember when I made most of my clothes that patterns tended to always run small. When I was skinny, that really didn't cause too much problems making it right. Now that I am FAT, I run out of places to modify.....therefore, I don't make much clothing any more. Too stressful!!! Hope your week is one of reduced stress!!

lw said...

The hard part of making clothing for yourself is measuring your body. Have someone else do it. If you move your arms to measure, you contort the measurement. That's why I stopped sewing clothing for myself, I couldn't fit it properly.

P. said...

I'm doing the opposite on my men's shirt, taking a half inch or so out of the center back and collar. I didn't want to do a second muslin, but it looks like that's what I need to do. I'm finding my patience being tested on this, so it's probably good for me. :)

Barb H said...

When my daughter was 14, I think, she called home from Girl Scout camp and let us know that she'd colored her chestnut hair--RED! Her dad hit the ceiling! He calmed down a bit when I pointed out that adolescence is the time for a kid to experiment and if the worst thing she does is color her hair, that's something to be grateful for. Parents need to pick their battles, right?

Shay said...

She needs the ends blunt cut to stop the stickie outties. And I flat iron my hair too.

Potentially this is the first of many hair moments- trust me. DD went platinum blonde for a couple of years from about 14 which I hated.

I agree with everyone else that said - let Sydney at it.

Good luck with the shirt modifications.