Are you gonna follow Bonnie Hunter's mystery this year?

I think I am. Sue, I know you are. The mystery name this year is Orca Bay. And, I love the colors; red, blue, neutral and black. Should make a great quilt.

It's not the time of year that I'd normally think to take on an extra project, with the holidays approaching. But, I also remember how wonderful it was to slip off into the sewing room and work on something I wanted to work on, just for me, about me, by me during that busy time of trying to do for others.

Bonnie warns us in this intro post that she does intensive quilts. I did last year's mystery and I've made another couple of her patterns and I can attest to that. And, she makes big quilts, so there is a ton of piecing; lots of "make a hundred and twelve of these" and you think A HUNDRED AND TWELVE??, but then you get into the routine and start noticing the cool combinations of scraps and the variations and get into the fabric and piecing and relaxation.

I usually make smaller quilts than Bonnie. I usually do that by using less blocks than she does.

Here's a picture of my still unfinished Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll quilt, which was last year's mystery. Last year, I made all the blocks that Bonnie suggested and when it was done, I had a ton of blocks left over.

There is enough to make two other quilts, one using the string pieced blocks and their red and neutral hst sashing and another using the brown and pink hst's and leftovers from the border.

But, the stress release was the best part. I probably won't be one of those people rushing to keep up this year like I was last year (who am I kidding, I'll probably forego holiday baking to immerse myself in this myster). I plan to take it slower and more liesurely (right). I just started a quilt for a friend for a cmas gift and I have a holiday quilt that is in process.

But, I can always take on a bit more, right?

After all, next year's resolution is to quilt up some of these tops...same as it's been for the last two years in a row. Nothing like consistency.

Take care and have a great Thursday. Lane


Pam said...

You gave me a good chuckle! I am planning on making Bonnie's quilt. I too wish it were at another time of year-I have two Xmas quilts and other projects I am working on. Others I have put aside so I can do Bonnie's quilt. I quit baking for the holidays (thanks Bonnie) and have the same New Year's resolutions to finish some of those finished quilt tops, again.

Pati said...

Oh Lane! You are too funny!! I'm going to be making Bonnie's mystery too. I am going to use gold instead of black because I want a more patriotic feel to it. And the reds...well those are going to be shades closer to the patriotic red and same with the blues. I've done several of her quilts and all of her mysteries except for Tobacco Road. I'm still working on my RRCB. I got really sidetracked on this one. But now it is coming together. I hope I can finish it before the next one starts. And I have to finish quilting my son's king size quilt before it gets too cold here.

Pauline said...

Yes I do plan on making Bonnie's quilt too, alread have everything she listed. Woopee! I'll have plenty of time at Christmas as we do little or nothing commercial. Feel Christmas is nothing but big time spending and has lost the true meaning which we try to observe.

Terri in BC said...

I'm in too! I've never done one of her mystery quilts and I'm not sure if I have enough of the required colours, but I'm going to make as many as I can each week and see what I can pull of, without buying any more fabric.

Coloradolady said...

yes!!! And I have all the strings, and fabric all together in a huge tub ready to go!! I stayed with the colors she is using. No need to stress about using other colors as I have lots of red and blues. so I need to use a lot of that up. RRCB is still not finished and won't be by the time we get into piecing this. I will get it done one day!! I got all done on that one except the borders. This time of year is hard because I feel like I can not do one. more. thing. But.....I do!! This is a must....they really cause me to have a little more faith in my abilities!!

Oh, and today, I found a video online and taught myself how to make a scarf....not knitted, but crochet. And it really looks pretty good. I still have not learned how to knit! I just need about 12 more hours in the day to do all I want to get done!!

Have a great friday!! (oh, and Lane, check out my daughters blog, there is a link to it on the bottom of VTT post. look at her first post, it is about Austin and the SOCO food trucks!! It was a hoot!

qltmom9 said...

LOL, I'm not going to keep up and will be more leisurely (right) also. I'm so excited I can't wait. I'm considering starting on strings, but can't find stupid phone books! Grrr.
My RRCB isn't done yet. I got to the border. I told myself I couldn't start this 'til I had it done, but I think I'll show myself grace and go with the new mystery in pinks-fuchsias/blues esp. turquoisy/ butter yellows. I'm hoping Bonnie's type neutrals will be okay with that combo. I CAN'T WAIT!

SewWhatsNew said...

Love your quilts. I also made half of the blocks because I wanted a smaller quilt last year. It was my first mystery.

SubeeSews said...

I don't know if I am the "Sue" you referred to but yes, I am planning on doing the mystery.
I cannot resist.
I love intense piecing.
5000+ pieces in a quilt is "just right" for me. I get lost while piecing and the world just goes on by. Luckily I have an understanding partner. He says it is great to have something I am so passionate about.

Laurie said...

It's all about the process Lane! And with any Bonnie quilt... it's "therapy". Quilt therapy, but therapy none the less.

I'm doing Orca Bay as well, and also doing her Jamestown Landing (in reds). Talk about overload! :)


viridian said...

I read about Bonnie's project and I'm tempted, but I think not. I do check in on her mysteries to see them develop though. And I do have strips cut following her methods, so I am ready - jsut in case :-)

Bonnie K Hunter said...

But it's SMALL this year!! Barely over a twin, if that! :c)

Piecing is MY therapy too....I love taking those dog-ugly scraps, sorting them by color, cutting them into shapes and sewing them up and have them magically NOT be ugly anymore.

And I "HAVE" to run the mystery when I'm home to attend to running it. That's why the rest of the year doesn't work. I know it's a pain, but it is also your time out for YOURSELF during the hubbub of the holidaze and that is important too...

I'll try not to be too mean this year ;c)