Holiday traditions

This year, it was just us for Thanksgiving. I can't remember a time when there weren't guests for Thanksgiving at my house. My best friend has been to Thanksgiving at my house for way more years than either of us cares to remember, but her parents are aging fast and she felt she needed to go there this year.

With just the three of us, I let a few traditions go. I pulled out serving pieces and washed them, but we ended up putting food on our plates from the stove. I've never done that at a holiday before. No centerpiece, no fancy napkins, no silver that needed polishing. No fancy tablecloth, no candles. Nothing but us. I think we even watched TV while we ate. After the dishes were safely ensconced in the dishwasher (no handwashing ordeal this year, either) rather than a long nap, we went shopping and picked up a few holiday gifts. Most unusual.

I missed all the traditions.

Another tradition at our house dictates we decorate for Christmas during the Thanksgiving long weekend. We did that this year. Rob wasn't going to put up all of the decorations he normally does and when he asked if I wanted to do all the things I usually do, I was a little put off. I missed the Thanksgiving traditions I gave up and was not willing to do that for two holidays in a row. So, when all the dishes we didn't use were put away and the last of the leftovers were packed for lunches, we started to decorate.

And, we decorated.

And, decorated.

And, decorated some more.

There'll be more on each of these pics between now and the holiday. And, between decorating and paying bills and eating out and holiday shopping and backing up all our photos, I quilted.

And, I quilted.

Okay, if anybody tells you that pebbling (snowballing) is easy, you just tell them that they are nuts. It takes way longer than the other background filler I did. The challenge is to see how many of those pebbles you can make exactly circular. Around, and around, and around we go.

If you did not get on your scale this morning, do not. Oh, how I wish I could take that decision back. Sometimes not knowing is better than knowing.

Take care and have a great Monday. Lane


regan said...

Your quilts looks great! And yeah, the pebbling takes the longest of any of the fillers I've done, too. But I just LOVE the way it looks! It's so worth it!

lw said...

I love the Christmas decorating!

There was no trouble with my scale over the weekend, I was sick all week and couldn't eat much of the holiday dinner we prepared. Hopefully, I'll feel better at Christmas dinner.

Shay said...

We did a non traditional Christmas a few years ago (Tapas instead of a feast ) It was hard work! It was good to break with tradition at least once but I probably wouldn't do it again.

I love seeing people's Christmas decorating. Our tree goes up this weekend.

Coloradolady said...

I don't believe I have ever seen a more beautiful quilt. I shamefully find myself rather dismayed that I know I could never make something so grand. I want to drive to Austin just to see this in person. Just to hold it and cherish it for a moment. I want to order one for myself. For some reason, every time I see the progress on this wonderful quilt it brings tears to my eyes.....it is simply the most wonderful work I think I have ever seen!

Things were different here too.....and they are going to be so much so next year. Time for some new traditions in my book!!!

Have a great week, I thought of you over the holiday and wondered if you were sewing....I did a boo-boo....when I finished step one of the Orca Bay, I had over 456 finished blocks....did you catch that....over half of what I needed....geesh!!!

Elizabeth said...

Those bows in the border are GORGEOUS and I love the 'snowballing.' I know, it is a lot of work, but it looks gorgeous! That is going to be one amazing quilt when you're all through.

xo -E