Rob loves Peanuts

Okay, so this is one of the gifts I've been working on. These lounging pants are a Thanksgiving gift for Rob and I gave them to him last Saturday, so I could have him try them on for hemming. And, it was a good thing. I got them finished and now, he can wear them all of Thanksgiving week.

The last pair I made was a Medium. They were so tight, I had to open the side seams and insert 2.5 inches of fabric all the way down both outside legs. I had cut that pattern out to a medium, so I bought a new pattern and tried a large. A large was big enough that Rob and all the peanuts gang could have fit into them. So, I took 2 inches out of each leg up the inseam. (I don't know if I'll ever get this pattern thing down. Seems the easiest thing to do would be pick one pattern maker and just buy from them so I can get a feel for the numbers on the back of the pattern. But, that's no fun.)

Anyway, when he tried them on, he asked for a drawstring plus the elastic waist and that was no problem, except it took most of an hour to make that long drawstring. Now, he's wearing them all around. Even threatened to wear them to the supermarket on Sunday.

Robs loves Peanuts. He has a DVD with all the specials and we watch them on their appropriate holidays...the Great Pumpkin, toast and popcorn for Thanksgiving lunch, Charlie's sad tree; these are all faves around our house. So, when I saw this autumn themed peanuts fabric at 70% off, I nabbed it up. But, somehow, I didn't get enough, so I had to go get more and then, it was only 40% off. Rats! Cause it's not like I could just buy the half yard I was short. I had to buy enough to cut a whole leg from.

Rob even wants a beagle and is actively looking for one at the rescues. I could never do that. If I looked at dogs all day, I'd adopt dogs all day. I could never look for one exact kind. But, he's doing it and as long as I don't watch over his shoulder and moan "Oh, look at that face. How cute. What's that one's name? How old?" we do fine.

The girls lost at basketball again last night. From what I heard the other parents say, the refs did it again. But, the teams were well matched and the game was exciting and Sydney played really well. Not many parents tho. Hey, I'm just stubborn enough to yell for them whether they're winning or losing. One more game, next week. A home game to end the season. Geez, I hope Sydney will go for track. She does so good when she has athletics.

Okay, so take care. Tomorrow morning at 7:30 I have the second step of my mouth junk. I get the holder for my implant. The doctor says it's a non-event and I can come to work tomorrow afternoon if I am so inclined. I am not so inclined. However, I am so inclined to get a start on T-day cooking. And, to sit and quilt. Sounds like a good afternoon off.



Seraphinalina said...

An afternoon off sounds good to me. We all need breaks and sometimes feeling like you are playing hookey is more fun than it should be.

Good luck fitting the pants. It is lovely when the perfect fabric appears for a project.

lw said...

Beagles rock! We have a beagle that we adopted from Beagles and Buddies rescue. My daughters call him "Mom's boyfriend" because he follows me around and sits by my feet. The only advice I can give Rob is to get a male beagle since you already have a female dog at home. Sometimes two females will fight.

Paul said...

My Grandfather LOVES Snoopy. He has been an avid Snoopy collector for years and has a whole room of his home dedicated to Snoopy.

And I must admit... I am jealous of a day off to do some sewing...

Have a little extra fun for me!!


ShelleyK said...

Mike's dog is a beagle mix & has considered getting another one for a while. This site (http://www.houndrescue.com) has been the most successful in beagle listings. If y'all ever want to dog sit to see how a beagle would fit into the family, let me know!