If you're ever in Austin...

I'm recommending a little deli named Kneaded Pleasures on Far West Blvd. That's where we had dinner last night. It was game night again and the game was clear across town. Rather than Rob drive past that school and then back again, I met him there and we had supper and then went to the game.

Anyway, I had a turkey club on herb foccaccia bread with pesto and pepper jack cheese and I have to tell you, it was one of the best sandwiches I ever had. Rob had their burger and it looked delicious, too. Then, I got really decadent and bought a white chocolate/dried cherry cookie that was absolutely to die for. I wanted a cinnamon roll, covered with pecans but some older gentleman grabbed them before I could. I considered tackling him on the way out (they looked that good), but, ya' know, I've made every game Sydney has played in. Getting arrested for assault would have broken that spotless record.

Anyway, we went to the game and it was a very exciting game. According to those that know basketball, the referees were terrible again. And, I did see some fouls that should have been called and some play that was not foul, yet fouls were called. And, I don't know anything about basketball. But, I hate to blame two losses in a row on referees. Although, according to the Mom that I listen to as the expert on basketball (I swear, she must have played basketball in school), these refs were pretty bad and players on both teams got hurt because they missed some rough play that was going on.

Anyway, that was that and we all made it home safe. Too bad the girls won't make it to tournament. But, hey, there's always high school.

Whooee! Who else has a busy weekend scheduled? Bonnie released the first part of her 2011 mystery, plus I'm knee deep in holiday gift making and a holiday quilt and I have got to turn in my lesson plans for quilt class or they're going to forget me and ask someone else. And, I have chores and plans and stuff to do. But, it's supposed to be a drizzly weekend, so I'm hoping I can spend most of it in my sewing room, holding court and passing out orders for child to do housework. She's in the doghouse this weekend over a grade and has no electronics. I've gotta keep her busy. I think someone mentioned fall cleaning???

I'm in. If she does the work. Idle hands are the devil's workshop!



Lee Ann said...

Thanks for the restaurant recommendation. Dan and I get to Austin once in a blue moon and this will be a new place to try.

We're going to San Marcos tomorrow -- Dan wants to see a junk car race and I will be set loose at the Outlet malls free to spend a bunch of moola! Just kidding. :-)

I'm hoping I can get some things done in the sewing room Sunday. It all depends on how I'm feeling (as I've been under the weather for some time). Monday will be spent packing and Tuesday is "on the road" day to a brother's house for Thanksgiving...

I hope you will have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Thanksgiving!

Vesuviusmama said...

I'm always torn at the end of the basketball season, sad to see it end for the team, but thrilled at all the time I get to regain in my life. Enjoy your weekend! I'm in Massachusetts with my family having a BALL!

Coloradolady said...

I say let Sydney cut those QST that we are to be cutting! I started it today, but I don't have the ruler, so I am cutting the squares, then cutting again. No where near done with the black yet!! But, I had a lot to do today, I need to get binding on a quilt to send to the lady on Monday, finally got the Choose Joy quilt back. ( I just don't like binding!)

Then, there is lots of housework that needs to be done....and well, thanksgiving too! I may not make it and get all of this first part done by next week. Last year, I was done for the next step, this year...not so worried about it! I know I will get it done once I get a system down.

Have a great weekend. I thought about you today!! Hope you are perking up some!! I feel about tons better since I went on a throwing out splurge!!

qltmom9 said...

What a GOOD idea to have her cut the triangles! LOL, which of mine will be acting up first?

Now, I'm hungry for a sammich!