Well, since I can't talk about anything I'm working on because it's all gifts for family that reads, I thought I'd talk about a couple of really good books I've recently finished.

I've already talked about reading The Help and weeping.

After I finished that one, I read a young reader's book called Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones. Wonderful book, but I don't know that I'd call it a young reader's book. It would have been a great inspirational young reader's book except that near the end, there are some devastating events that I wouldn't want Sydney to read about. But, for adults that can better handle that kind of stuff, I'd recommend it as a really good book. It focuses on a the citizens of an island that is caught in war and cut off from the rest of the world. Only the native residents of the island remain and a single white man, Mr Watts, who is married to a native resident. Mr Watts takes over responsibility for the local school and teaches the children by relating everything to what he feels is the greatest work of literature ever; Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Wonderful interpretations as he teaches south sea children about 19th century England and the adventure that Pip takes in the book.

When I finished that one, I raided my stack of Sydney's cast offs. We encourage her to read and pile on the books for her. As she grows up, she grows out of them and passes them to Goodwill. But, I raid the stack often and pull out books that look like they'd interest me. One was There's a boy in the girl's bathroom by Louis Sachar, another Austin resident. This book is about a boy that is having a really hard time fitting in with school and friends. He's ostracized by everyone because he can't relate to anyone. He reacts with anger and defense in every situation. So much so that he is forced to sit in the last row, last seat of the classroom. The story is about a counselor that touches the boy and helps him experiment in doing things differently and how just that little nudge allows him one success that builds into another and another until he becomes an active player in his life. It's a real feel good book about a boy that's having trouble finding his way and how he manages it. Great book if you have a kid that's already troubled with behavioural issues. But, a kid that's easily influenced the wrong way might just get some ideas on ways to act up.

Anyway, after I finished that, I pulled out the old Jane Austen collection and started Sense and Sensibility. Can't read Jane's books back to back. I need something lighter and easier to read between them. But, I do plan to read them all. Why? I don't know. Goodness knows there's plenty of contemporary fiction out there. But, I want to, so I'm going to.

You'd think I'd be too busy sewing to have time to read, right? But, I'm making time for it all. Unfortunately, I have three unread quilting magazines. What does that say about my priorities?

Take care and have a great Thursday. Lane


Marla said...

Lane, I found a way to read and quilt at the same time! I found audible.com and now buy books to put on my IPOD touch and listen while sewing, housework etc. Love it so much. So far I have listened to "The Help" , "Gone With The Wind" and now "Murder on the Orient Express". Best of both worlds!

Michelle said...

Reading for me is relaxing, and maybe Lane, just maybe, you need some relaxing time. It takes your mind totally off everything in your life. It's a personal little getaway. Movies are like that too. They remove every little concern, worry, and relax your brain for a few hours. I read on my breaks now at work, instead of reading facebook and blogs. I save that for when I get home.

Leah Day said...

Hey Lane - You might want to try the spin off book: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. Basically the same book (same prose, same feel), but with an occasional sea monster addition that keeps your attention a bit better.

Paul said...

I recently bought a Kindle and have become a "reader" once again. I found a library where I can "borrow" electronic books on my Kindle.

I recently decided to read Stieg Larson's trilogy after hearing it was very well written. SO, I checked into it online and found that the waiting list was 384 people long for their 24 copies of the book.

Then I saw another "copy" of the book that had two available right now. What I didn't realize is that instead of a Kindle Book, I was downloading an Audio book. So I have been listening on my iPod in the car to and from work, and I have found that I REALLY like audio books. And while the subject matter of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is rather violent and at times repulsive, it is extremely well written.

Take Care Lane,

quiltmom said...

I loved the Help too. It is such a terrific book - I also enjoyed the movie but I loved the book.
Do check out Sarah's Key and Three Cups of Tea. I also really enjoyed The Kite Runner and The Secret Daughter.
Lots of terrific books out there and never enough time to read, quilt, look after the house and work. I am a full day kindergarten teacher so that keeps me hopping too.
Have a great weekend and Happy Reading.
Warmest regards,

lw said...

I read a lot. I read like I breathe. I love Jane Austen, but Pride and Prejudice works better for me than Sense and Sensibility. Currently I'm reading Sybil Exposed by Debbie Nathan. I read the original Sybil in the seventies by Flora Schreiber as a teenager. I highly recommend Nathan's book, which explains that "Sybil" never had multiple personalities-- she had a severe case of loneliness and a very exploitative psychiatrist.

I'm also reading The Contrary Farmer by Gene Logsden, and it's really great; useful information, warm and funny.

Now if only you would write a book, Lane. I have a feeling it would be wonderful.

Vesuviusmama said...

My son has There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom in his room right now! He read 2 other Loius Sachar books already and is hooked!