A very busy week

I'm not used to it being this busy. Wednesday, I spent the day waiting for the feeling to come back into the left side of my face. But, my implant is in and all is well. No pain at all. Now, I've just got to wait for that to heal up and I can get the replacement tooth.

While I waited, I worked on the background filler for this corner. This was the first corner I did; the trees, and I did all the outline and border work weeks ago. The background went pretty well and now I'm off to the borders.

Thursday, we cooked and we ate. It was so nice to have Sydney cooking with me this year. So much easier than doing all that work alone. As we cooked, I took short breaks for quilting. Then, yesterday, we started the holiday decorating. I hung a swag in the living room ceiling and we got the tree put together and the lights on, but no ornaments. Sydney kept saying she would take care of that, but today, she's been a little less anxious to get working on it. Between other stuff, I got the bows and the outlining in the outer border of the holiday quilt.

And, this morning, I got up and started pebbling...or snowballing. Rob came in this morning and said "those look like snowballs", so I'm snowballing, not pebbling. Anyway, it's coming out just like I expected. We went out and did some shopping for shop local Saturday, which I'm totally in favor of. The only big store we went to was Target for socks and undies.

And, I took advantage of a sale at the quilt shop and picked this up. Texas themed fabric. Love it. I saw it the other day and left it there because it was expensive. Today, I needed to go back and I brought 2 yards home without a plan for it. But, you can bet I'll find something.

I turned in my lesson plan for teaching a free motion class. We'll see what she thinks. Now, we just need to get all the south Austin quilters to start shopping down here. I know there are a lot of us and I'd bet most don't even know the store is there because they've been so machine exclusive and not really focused on quilters until recently.

Okay, so now we're back home and Rob just started Giant and I'm going to snowball and listen to Elizabeth Taylor give Rock Hudson hell.

Take care. Lane


Hazel said...

Those bows and snowballs are EXCELLENT .

vivian said...

I love the bows and trees. A lot of work but well worth it!

Glenn Dragone said...

Wonderful quilting as always.

love, love, love the "Texas" fabric!

ga447 said...

I am quilting and watching "Giant" also.

Michelle said...

Wow. WoW. WOW!!! Beautiful!!!!

Quiltluver said...

Wow! I am in awe of the beautiful quilting you've done on this quilt.

JoanieinNC said...

The background Christmas Tree Filler in the corner is beautiful, as well as the bow!