Diligently working on Mariner’s compass blocks

I’m teaching a Mariner’s Compass class on 09/23.  The other day, I woke up and thought, where are the instructions for that class?

I looked.  Nope.

I looked some more.  Nope.

Okay, so the only piece of paper I had handy was a scrap of freezer paper and I can only assume that I threw it away as a scrap of freezer paper instead of the important documentation it was. 

While I was writing this, I thought of another place to try.  Nope.

So, I gotta draft another compass block this weekend and write the instructions again.  Yeah, me…

Actually, it’s not a problem.  It drafts up really fast and I don’t actually need to make it with fabric.  I have two class samples hanging on the wall at the shop. 

But, I remember that after I’d made the first one and the second one, and while I was making the third one, I was really going to need a good set of written instructions to draft the block, because it is so easy to draft a completely different compass without meaning to.  Course, I guess that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.  But, still, I tend to skip things and have to go back and do them at less convenient times.

This is Sydney’s batik quilt top that she wants me to quilt. 


She’s been very clear that she doesn’t want me to “over” quilt it.  Just something loose, or let her tie it.  Which I might do.  I posted this today because I’m really trying to keep a positive attitude about her today. 

She ran a scam yesterday and had to lie to all her emergency contacts to pull it off and the only thing I shouted was “how stupid do you think we are?”

Anyway, the only thing I can be thankful for is that she’s a terrible liar and hopefully we’ll discourage her from trying instead of training her to do it better.  It’s a delicate balancing line. 

It’s raining in Central Texas.  It rained a lot out by the lakes that supply our water around here.  That’s good because they’ve been so low from this drought.  And, it’s rained a nice, heavy, steady rain on my yard most of the night.  It can do that all day as far as I’m concerned.

Life is full, life is good.  I am thankful as I should.

The thing that made me most angry at Sydney?  This week was supposed to be about me.  Weeks and weeks and weeks have been all about her.  This was my week, culminating in the show on Saturday.  And, she distracted the attention from me.  I know exactly how selfish that sounds.  But, I’ll bet you a dollar that I’m not the only parent that ever felt like that.

Okay, that is enough “dear diary” moment for me.

Is anyone watching the new TV series, The New Normal?  Great show about a gay family trying to get started.  Comedy.  But, truthful.

Have a great Friday.



Kath said...

"I’ll bet you a dollar that I’m not the only parent that ever felt like that."

I'm sure as you were typing that, you just knew we'd all be nodding and saying to our PC screens, YES I know exactly how that feels.

I used to get mad when we acted as chauffers, all hours of the day and night, often at short notice and often kept waiting outside the agreed meeting point. My son would get in the car without so much as a hello and sit in silence while he was driven home, only to exit the car and go straight to his room.

They are unutterably selfish but they do change Lane, I promise. I have proof of that on my blog today :-D

Bratling said...

Lane, does she know how to speed tie? When I was her age, my church youth group did a service project--all the young women in our area got together and tied 50 or 60 quilts to donate to a battered women's shelter. By the time we got to the end, we'd learned the fast way to do it and could tie a queen sized one in about 20 minutes!

Anonymous said...

Seen your quilts in person today... Gorgeous and congratulations!


lw said...

As Kath said, I'm nodding at the computer screen thinking, yep, been there. Seems like teenagers wait until you're distracted to try to pull off some scam(which for me meant midterms and finals, since I finished my degree when my oldest was Sydney's age.)

I'm jealous of anonymous-- I'd love to see your quilts in person.