The day after the prize

You all know how I’m always writing about what the next day was like.  Well, that’s what this post is about.
Saturday was such a high.  I could not have been happier or more proud.  I have gotten so much email and I’m doing my best to answer each one.  It was a very special feeling.

And, then yesterday, I woke up to bills and a bathroom that needed cleaning and errands and a basketball game and a trip to the grocery.  Not a special day. 

I spent part of the day actually feeling bad about that.  And, when Rob and I headed out, I tried to explain it to him.  And, I summed it up with “it’s days like today that make days like yesterday possible.”

And, he seconded that by saying that the regular days make the special days feel special. 

In the evening, we went to Sydney’s basketball game and once again, I was reminded that every day is a special day, they just don’t all feel as wonderful and you can’t get distracted in every one and forget about all the other stuff that’s going on. 

Rob gave me the chance to skip that basketball game and go back to the quilt show and stand behind people and listen  to what they were saying about my quilts. 

But, after what Sydney had said on Saturday about my quilts, how could I even consider missing her basketball game.  Missing a chance to brag on her and cheer her on. 

So, I was there and from the game, I went back to the auditorium and picked up my quilts and picked up the judges comments.  More on that later.  My only disappointment is that my ribbons got creased when they packed them up.  Drat!  But, can they keep that crease in this Texas humidity.

We’ve had rain, rain, glorious rain. 

Friday night, Sydney and I pin basted her quilt so I can start quilting it soon and yesterday, I thread basted the Dresden Plate quilt so I can start on it.  And, because yesterday was so distracting and because I couldn’t sit still, I also started knitting a pair of gloves for me.  I’ve always wanted to knit a pair of gloves. 

Now, I can. 

One pair only.  Just to say I did. 

Today, I get to take the quilts to work and show them off.  Tomorrow, Rob does.  I am as well known at his office as a quilter as I am at my own.  Maybe better.

Be well and have a great Monday!  I wish I’d scheduled today off, just to sit alone and rest.  The adrenaline burn has left me exhausted.



JoAnne said...

I actually thought about you yesterday--I was wondering how it was "coming down from the high." You have the right attitude, though, about the ordinary days making the special ones that much better. It is sort of similar to how I feel about fabric selection in quilts. There needs to be an "ugly" one to make the beautiful ones sing!

Megan said...

Lane - you'll be able to "charge" Sydney more (payment to be made in in household chores and the like) to quilt her quilt for her, now that you're a multiple award winning quilter! LOL

Sydney, Austrlaia

lw said...

It did occur to me that now you can put this on your class resume, "Take a class with an award-winning quilter." Keep this up, and you can start charging for lessons at quilt shows-- and folks like me will pay to take your class.