Stuff and nonsense

Okay, I know where that came from.  I’m listening to one of my favorite book series on audiobook.  The Amelia Peabody series of fictional mysteries by Elizabeth Peters.  And, I’ll tell you that the printed word is not nearly as interesting as Barbara Rosenblat’s reading of them.  She gives each character a distinct voice and a level of interest that just has no comparison.  Each book is about 15 hours of unabridged audio and I’m up to book 11.  Now that I can download it to my iphone, I can take this amazing lady anywhere. 

Amelia Peabody Emerson is the wife of a famous British archeologist working in Egypt at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.  If you’ve ever seen The Mummy, she reminds me of the female lead in that movie. 

Anyway, so that’s stuff.  And, other stuff, is anybody else doing Bonnie’s challenge for hand sewing?  Okay, so an hour a day is a bit more than I can commit to, but I am getting all of it in that I can.  I’m sewing the borders on that Dresden plate quilt.  One border down, three to go.  But, I think I should get double credit because they’re, like, 68 inches long. 

Stuff is stuff.  Yesterday, I started the day with a commitment to be humble.  I started with an apology and moved right through the day after that.  And, nothing changed.  But, that stuff is over and I am over it, too.

Nonsense is the rule of the day; if you’re watching the political scene in the U.S. right now.  Heavens.  If the forefathers could have seen what we are seeing now, would they have made the office of president a 2 week stay so that there would be so much turnover that no one could ever take credit or blame anyone for anything that happened?  Or, would they have just given up and gone home and given the country back to the Native Americans?

No more Jubilee blocks for a while.  Right now, I’m focused on quilt labels.  Tammy suggested I make them with my Pfaff Creative embroidery/monogramming software and while the thought of it scared me witless, I’ve done a lot of practice work and prep, and am ready for the challenge.  But, this week, it’s time to put the stitching on the actual labels and I’m a bit reticent about trying that.  Not sure why.  They’re going to be great.  But, still, there’s that soft voice in the back of my head…”what if you mess them up?”  Nonsense.  Bosh.  Balderdash.

Be well.  Have a great Wednesday.  We have tonight to get a hot pink t-shirt for Sydney’s weekend basketball league.  Yay, us.  We love last minute shopping. 



Nan said...

Hey Lane,
I'm doing Bonnie's challenge. :) In fact, Bonnie's blog (when you used to be on her sidebar) is how I first found you and started reading your blog. Now I'm hooked! lol
Nan in KS

Susan Entwistle said...

Put the stitching on the label. If you mess it up, use another. You are fearless.

LN said...

I have listened to the Amelia Peabody series too, loved them. Also, love your blog. Who would ever want to be a teenager again?