Packing for the show

It’s funny.  I’m only nervous about getting the quilts into the show and qualified for judging.  I’m not nervous about the judging at all.  My mentor has given me written feedback on my quilts for a long time, so I’m familiar with that part of it and am looking forward to the comments of a new set of eyes and ideas of what is important.  Winning a ribbon would be nice, but it’s just the icing on a cake.  Having the courage to actually get them in the show is the real win for me this time.

So, how are they packed?

Well, the labels had to be covered with muslin.



which I apparently did not take a picture of.  The muslin is to cover the name of the maker for judging.

Then, I cut two pool noodles to just longer than the quilts were wide and covered them with muslin bags that had drawstrings on each end.  The muslin I’m using is really good vintage pillow muslin that is very densely woven.  Rob reminded me to add my name to them.


Then, the quilts got rolled onto the noodles.


And, stuffed in really long bags.


Theoretically, this should let the quilts hang nice and flat, with no creases from being folded. 

But, it’s not what the instructions say to do, so just in case they don’t like it, I also made bags according to the instructions and am taking them, in my backpack.


So, now, they’re waiting at the door and I’m going to work for a bit and try to avoid a line of quilters trying to get quilts turned in before work by working at home for a bit longer and then I’ll head off to the auditorium to get them turned in. 

You may now call me overachiever.

The sewing room is a wreck.  And, even though I’ve done my best to spend family time, I’ve been distracted.  But, after today, there’s nothing else to do except wait for Saturday, when we’re going to the show.

Be well.  Despite my giddiness, today is a day to remember those taken in an attack on civilians.  I remember what I was doing that day.  I remember that I called my Mom and talked to her because I didn’t know when we’d be able to talk again since phone lines were all tied up.  Now, Sydney is learning about it and had to read and summarize a news article last night.  We worked on it together and her work was better for it.  But, when I asked her what the article meant, she was spot on about what was happening today, in the effort to get medical coverage for those that are still being affected physically.



Gisela Suski said...

Thanks for remembering, I am from NY and we can never forget. You will do fine at the show, I am very excited for you.

Becky said...

So excited about the show!!! Can't wait to hear the outcome!!

lw said...

Wish I was going-- win or lose, the folks who attend will be glad to see your quilts, they're beautiful!

Bianca said...

Never "hung" on a show, so I really couldn't say how I would feel for such a great event.
Never mind the sewing room, that for later worries. Have a good time and I hope you'll win some awsome prizes!
(in a few weeks will see an US quilt show for the first time, so maby by than I will get how big these are over there. In the Netherlands there are just a few shows and I don't even bother to apply; others make far more beautiful stuff than little old me....)
Great idea about that noodle though! Can I use that??

Coloradolady said...

Ok, is the show on Sunday too? I have to work on SAt. and really wanted to come. Where exactly is the show being held at?? You can email me if you want!

Kate said...

Love love the red bags. I am up against a show deadline, too! You give me inspiration to push for it. Kate