Hits and misses

My excapade into bad behavior from last Friday seems to have passed without comment.  Maybe I headed it off with an apology early on Tuesday.

Sydney has had a good week.  Everyone is happy.  Last weekend seems to have made an impression.  Last night’s homework involved watching a video about families that sit down for dinner together.  Apparently, twenty years ago, 60% of families had dinner together.  And, now, just 20%.  I hope that’s not true.  But, it did seem to create a very festive atmosphere during our dinner.  Or, maybe that was just because it was Rob’s favorite meal; Swiss Steak and mashed potatoes…and brussel’s sprouts for me.

I didn’t get any hand sewing done yesterday.  All my time was spent on prep work to hand sew.  I got the last two borders pinned on the Dresden Plate quilt and that took all my time.  My only other sewing is still working on those machine embroidered labels.  I bet you wish I’d just shut up and show you what they look like, eh?  No.  But, I will show you the practice piece.


So, at least you know what I’m attempting. 

I was walking through the garden and my bad spots are really showing.  Places where the summer plant is dying back and the fall plant is just starting or where there’s nothing for the fall.  I grow things in pots for that because now, I can move in some great pots to fill and add color to an otherwise empty spot.  But, I haven’t had the chance to move them this week.  Maybe early tomorrow morning?  And, it’s time to take some cuttings to root for next year.  The broccoli and cauliflower seedlings are up and about ready to be transplanted into bigger pots before going to the garden.

Life is full, life is good.  I am thankful as I should.

And, I can confidently say that yes, my family is better off than it was three and a half years ago.  Four years ago, we were rolling in the high cotton.  Three and a half years ago, I lost a whole bunch of my retirement and watched friends lose their jobs.  Now, those friends are all working again, many of them for the same companies that let them go before, and my retirement account is happier and better diversified. 

Still being careful about the money we spend, but I’m not so sure whether that’s just part of growing up, or if it is affected by the economy.  I know that some families haven’t gotten the full effect of the recovery yet.  I hope that one day we can all enjoy the right of prosperity again.

Anyway, that’s it for Friday.  Lane


Michelle said...

Your machine embroidery label looks great! Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said...

I love your little couplet -- life is full, life is good. I am thankful as I should. Very clever.

It is good to step back and take a look at all the things to be grateful for. My life is good too.

xo -E

Linda said...

Yes, my husband was hoping to be retired by now, but that stock market nosedive a few years ago put an end to that. Our retirement is back where it was, but not ahead of the game yet! At least he has a good job. I have a son with a Master's degree who was driving a school bus last year. There were no jobs where he lives (And I agree they deserve jobs!)He was willing to do what he needed to do to pay his bills. Money is a fleeting thing, but unfortunately, we need it to live!

Cynthia L. said...

Hi Lane! So glad to hear there was not a fall out from last week. I bet you were nervous all weekend long. I am also glad to hear that the family and your finances are doing well. It is shocking to hear the low percentage of people who eat dinner as a family. I grew up that way and we did it with The Baby. I hope it is something she will carry on when she has children.