Two more Jubilee blocks

Well, I managed to finish two more blocks. 


I also managed to re-block the Christmas quilt for the show, this time, in an actual square. 


But, I’m starting to suspect that this quilt isn’t actually square and that’s why I’m having so much trouble.  I think one side is longer than the other.  Too bad, too, but I did the best I could to square it and pin it down and now, it at least gives the illusion of squareness…although you can’t tell it in this picture because I can’t get a square on shot of it.

Anyway, all is right in the household.  People are happy.  Stress levels are reduced.  And, a new week begins with all the adventures that it will bring.

I’m not so worried about my outburst at work.  I have a tendency to grab onto things that are bad and make them much worse…that whole tempest in a teapot syndrome.  Whatever I’ve done, a few well placed apologies always sages hurt feelings. 

Be well and have a great Tuesday.  Seven days until I have to turn my quilts in to the show committee. 



Pauline said...

Beautiful jubilee blocks. I l♥ve the colors. They look perfect.
Just a question. Do you ever SLEEP?
Or, maybe you've found the secret of adding more hours to the 24 I'm allowed.

Carla said...

The jubilee blocks are really pretty. I like your square quilt too. I'm trying to square one up myself. I might actually start putting the binding on tonight if I'm lucky. Have a great day!