A package in the mail.

After I pin basted this quilt, I realized I didn’t have enough thread in the right color to quilt it.  I was going to buy more of what I had, and then thought about the weight of the thread, 35, and that it might look like rope on this small quilt, with it’s 7 inch blocks. 


I’m getting more picky about my quilting thread, tho I must confess that I will use just about anything that still has its strength to piece…I’m currently finishing a spool of polyester that was a hand me down, and was likely new when I was.  But, it’s darn near unbreakable, still.

Anyway, I like a 60 wt, 2 ply cotton thread for quilting.  Precencia makes a great one.  I had two 600m spools of cream colored, but they were just a bit too yellow for this quilt.  I ordered two spools of off white from Red Rock Threads, and they are the perfect color. 


Since I was paying shipping anyway, I decided to give some new needles a try.  I got a pack of their Organ brand, size 75 sewing machine needles and a pack of size 9 quilting betweens.  I took one of the betweens out of the pack and started using it this morning.  It is every bit as good as the Mary Arden needles of the same size that I was using.  I’ve had a hard time picking needles and have given up on Dritz.  A sharp needle, which I thought was my fave for hand quilting bends too fast, and a between is often hard to pull through the fabric.  Even the Mary Arden needles seemed to have a burr that caused the needle to catch, but after about a foot of hand quilting, that burr would wear away and the needle would be great for a very long time.  I generally use a needle until it gets unruly, and then I go for a fresh one.  I’ve probably got close to 25 hours on the Mary Arden that I was using.  I hope the needles from Red Rock last as long. 

Lots of people rave over the organ brand needles, so hey, I’m game.  I’ll give them a try and let you know.  I had been led to believe that they were very expensive, but they were about the same price as Schmetz and have twice as many needles in the pack.


Sydney has taken to a very vertical ringlet curl look that reminds me of Miss Melanie Hamilton in Gone with the Wind.  By the time she took this pic yesterday, the curls had started to fall in the humidity, but when she came to breakfast, I spoke in my slowest southern drawl and asked her if we were expecting Ashley Wilkes for breakfast here at twelve oaks?


And what the heck is up with that devilish look?

Melanie Hamilton wasn’t devilish.

Everybody have a great day.  I’m going to be playing soccer mom, rushing from her pre-op appt this afternoon, back to the school to try to get her in the basketball team pictures.  The coach is not being very accommodating of the fact that she rescheduled pictures yesterday, from yesterday to today, into the middle of the only appointment available, so Rob is going to ask her.  All we need is for Syd’s team picture to be the last one taken.  If they’ll make that one accomodation, I should be able to get her back in time.  If not, I won’t be a happy dad.  We worked hard for that yearbook picture!

Be well.  Have a great Thursday.  If you see an old man, with a girl changing clothes in the back seat, flying down a highway in a navy blue Prius, please distract the police.



Elizabeth said...

She's beautiful and she knows it. That's what that look is about. You should see the ringlets the women who go to my church wear. I don't know how they do it. My hair won't curl at all, and we have practically no humidity.

It is funny how we get particular about our methods and notions. Lately, I've taken to making sure the straight of grain and the cross grain are all going the same direction on my pieces. It seems to help all the points and corners match up better during assembly.

I like Red Rock Threads. Their prices are very reasonable and you can't beat that $5 flat-rate shipping (or has it gone up since the post office lost its mind and raised shipping prices sky high? It's taken all the fun out of sending and receiving packages.).

xo -E

Becky said...

Look forward to hearing about the organ needles. Sydney is just getting more beautiful every day!

Rebecca Grace said...

I didn't know Organ made hand needles! I bought some Organ needles for machine embroidery on my Bernina dealer's recommendation, and I just assumed that they only sold that type. Let us know how you like them! Now that I think about it, I don't remember the last time I discarded a hand sewing needle unless I bent it.

Good luck getting to the pictures on time. These are the days when you really need a Batmobile, aren't they?

Kath said...

I think that cheeky look is just a pretty girl getting to know just how cute she is.
Looking good, Miss Sydney!

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qltmom9 said...

She exudes beauty that is emphasized by her self-confidence. BRAVO!!!


Anonymous said...

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mssewcrazy said...

Sydney's hair looks nice.
I use organ needles for a commercial sized round needle and for machine embroidery-didn't know they made hand sewing needles. I bought up a couple of lifetime supplies of vintage hand sewing needles online as I detest the modern needles. I had been using vintage ones from an aunt's trunk all my sewing life until I ran out and found how horrid modern needles are off the notion walls today.

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