The idea wall

Most of us have a design wall where we can hang our works in progress to look at them vertically.  When I need one, I can hang a flannel backed tablecloth and stick a quilt to it while I work.  But, that comes and goes.

My constant is my idea wall. 


It’s new for me.  I only put the padded fabric in the doors of this armoire last year.  And, since then, I’ve been pinning things to it.  Things I want to do.


The flag is a gift from a friend in London.  I need to return that gift, but I haven’t thought of how.  I need an idea.  The I spy block with the letters is my favorite from the ones I made for the I spy quilt.  When I ended up with one extra, I pulled this one out because it inspired me to a combination of black and off white.  The other square is a color combination that I want to use in a quilt'; purple, green and gold.  I would never have thought of it, if it weren’t for this piece of inspiration fabric (Thanks, Barb).


This is a hand pieced quilt that I made as a class sampler for a class no one signed up for.  When I figure out how I want to hand quilt it, I’ll get started, but for now, I have a hand quilting project (Dresden Plates).  The dog was just a neat block of fabric, also from my friend Barb. 


These are also blocks for a class that no one signed up for.  I want to use them as the center blocks for some small quilts.  The circle is a template for the centers of my Dresden Plate quilt.  I needed to be able to find it whenever I was looking for it, so I stuck it on my idea wall so I’d have an idea where it was.


This is the pattern for a Christmas tree skirt that a fellow blogger made.  I intend to flatter the poo out of her by imitating it.  


The flower arrangement picture is for the focal quilting of a large quilt.  I intend to trace it and blow it up and use it as the quilting motif in the corners of the quilt.  And, there’s a pattern I’d like to make, but haven’t started yet.  There will be time.  Or not.

I’m sure that over time, my idea wall will become much more crowded, and eventually, I’ll have to shuffle through the ideas and see which ones work and which ones don’t.  But, for now, they’re all there, waiting for the time to get around to them because if I don’t, ideas are fleeting and I’ll find myself one day thinking, what was I going to do today? 

My mind is a sieve.  Things just pass through.

Yesterday, I had a really hard interaction with someone I don’t like.  We all have people that we don’t play well with.  But, at work, we are required to play, whether we like it or not, and whether it is good play or not.  The people that make me the most crazy are people that can’t or won’t tell you what they want, but after you give it to them, they sure make a big fuss about how wrong it is. 

I wish I was one of those people that just takes this nonsense in and doesn’t get flustered by it.  But, I’m not.  I’ve had hard interactions with lots of people over the years and most of those people have ended up being my strongest allies and friends because we develop mutual respect for one another in our conflicts. 

I don’t think that’s happening here.

Be well.  Have a great day. 



andsewon said...

Your wardrobe is a lovely piece! I keep saying I will make me one of those fabric covered boards with the tacks and ribbons to hold my 'ideas'. Do not know where I would hang it in my bitty room! My design wall is a tablecloth hung over a drapery rod behind the door. So not an overly large one! Sorry you have to deal with such a person! Yes sadly we can not pick the folks we have to work with ourselves. Be strong!

Kath said...

"My mind is a sieve. Things just pass through."

You and me both Lane. I'm sure if I made all the things I collect on my PC, pictures, patterns, ideas, magazine articles I've ripped, books I've book marked and postcards I bought, I would have to live to be 150,(with perfect eyesight and no arthritis).

Just as well I've forgotten 90% of all those ideas!

Rebecca Grace said...

I love your idea wall! I especially admire that it seems like you have a reasonable, not-too-overwhelming pipeline of projects in your future. Unlike my 3" 3-ring binder, crammed full of probably hundreds of patterns and ideas I've pulled out of magazines over the last decade or so. And that's just the quilting binder -- alas, there are others... :-)

Hugs from Rebecca, Otherwise Known as She Who Bites Off More Than An Elephant Could Chew

qltmom9 said...

I tend to put ideas all over the house. Up across from me wherever I happen to be. My family has become used to seeing odd blocks or pictures in odd places. LOL! I should get a wall...soon! I'm sorry someone is being poopy. Be glad your mama taught you better...that's what my mom would say! Ha!