Quilty birthday presents

I realized this morning that I haven’t taken the chance to show you what I got for my birthday.  My Mom and Dad sent me some quilt batting, in the form of a check, and I’m waiting for it to get here. 

J, my mentor, gave me this.


It’s a miniature quilt that she pieced, mounted to a miniature quilt frame.  The frame has two benches to go with it.  I don’t know what I like the best; the frame, or the tiny Amish quilt.   Both are wonderful. 

LD gave me this box of hand tatted lace and a sign that I’m either going to hang over my sewing room or over our bedroom, which seems kind of lurid.  I like it.


She also gave me a lovely aloe vera.  This one is really cool and I’ve added a bit of jade plant to it, so it should grow into a lovely combination for my kitchen window.

And, my friend Barb sent this.


She had shared a hundred I spy squares with me and I had pulled three of them and shared them as my favorites.  She sent the rest of what she had of those fabrics, along with a couple other pieces and two books.  Thanks so much, Barb!

Yesterday was our pre-op visit and there was a lot of information sharing going on.  Sydney paid very close attention.  They sent in the nurse practitioner and she’s my favorite person in the practice.  She really talked quietly to Sydney about what it was going to look like and feel like and what she would have to do and she ended by telling Sydney she’d had the same surgery when she was Sydney’s age and it had all worked out fine.  And, she talked to her about the teacher that’s been scaring Sydney by talking about her 5 knee surgeries; how that is extreme and usually only happens to people that are predisposed to it and that Sydney shouldn’t worry about it.  I liked that.  Sydney had said the 5 knee surgeries to me a half dozen times and I’d never really acknowledged it for her as anything but a fact.  But the NP heard it, caught it and responded to it in the right way.  I guess that’s why she’s the professional and I’m the nervous nanny goat.

Anyway, have a great Friday.  I have a quilt to disassemble.  Have I ever mentioned how bad I hate to do that before?  And, we’re going to need supplies.  And, I asked her this morning to think about what she’d like to do, being her last weekend of walking for a while and all. 

Now that I think about it, that might have been a mistake.



lw said...

I love the miniature quilt in the tiny frame-- so perfect! And "captain's quarters" would fit right in here-- my husband has a pirate themed basement.

Yay for the nurse practioner! But what's up with her teacher? Yikes. Reminds me of the way women will tell a pregnant girl that they have just met about some horrible obstetric problem they had. Then you have to wait until they leave and reassure the girl that whatever it was, it's really rare and they test for it now.

I also hate disassembling quilts.

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Mary said...

Yuck, disassembling is the worst. Spent this week taking apart a bargello panel and resewing every seam because it was a needle width difference from all the other panels. You have my sympathies totatly.