Nothing witty to say

I hate the days when I don't have anything witty to say.  All we're doing is waiting.  There are stages of waiting, just like there are stages of growing, blooming and grieving.  We're all at different ones.

I think Sydney is in denial.  She seems to be hoping that if she does enough stupid stuff, we'll get mad enough to cancel the surgery. 

I am on edge, likely in the angry stage.  Anything can set me off, and since she's trying anything, we're complementing one another in the worst possible way.  Fortunately, Rob, the calm voice and the one wise enough to give us time in our individual corners, is terrific at finding a common subject that we can all laugh about.  He did just that at the dinner table last night and it really took the pressure off.

Rob seems to be in the acceptance stage.  The other night, I looked at him as we were going to bed and asked "are we going to be okay through this surgery?" and he looked back, and in his best Maggie Smith voice as the dowager countess, he said "Of course we are.  This is what we do."

No more encouraging words were ever uttered by anyone.  The safety of a strong character. 

He's right.  This is what we do.  This is what our family built itself around; handling whatever happens and taking it all in stride.  We aren't always graceful.  But, we also don't quit. 

On the bright side, my desire to be distracted has me feeling VERY creative and I am just whipping out quilting like nobody's business; machine quilting, hand quilting, even a little knitting.  Idle hands are the devil's workshop, after all.

Speaking of idle hands, I cut into that brisket that I've tried to smoke twice and it was raw in the middle.  Hey, learn a new technique, win a kewpie doll.  Anyway, I tossed it in the oven with some potatoes and carrots and we had a great supper, even if it was a bit tough.  Better luck next time, player.

I used some leftover bananas on Sunday to make Cynthia's Chocolate Chip Banana bread.  Easy peasy and mine came out looking just like hers and it is to die for.  I could sit and eat a whole loaf.  Fortunately, I'm keeping my hands busy in other ways, but I'm sure I'll get around to some good stress eating before this is all over. 

Be well.  Have a great Wednesday.  Lane


Anonymous said...

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Coloradolady said...

OH, I know this feeling of will we be able to do it, make it, survive. I have been there too, with my daughter and possibly again in the near future. My husband needs to have a minor surgery too and well, that is not going well at the moment. He is worse than any kid ever thought about being.

It is tough, sometimes I think more so on the parents than the kid. We try so hard to do it all right, that it is frightening to be faced with something so scary and out of our hands.

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. You will see, it will go smoothly and not nearly as frightening as you thought..(once it is over) :-)

Hang in there....keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

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Bianca said...

Having a strong man at your side is the best to stay focussed on the goal; get your girl better.
I had to smile about your banana bread choice to make; Did you know banana is a natural stress reliever? It is, all fruits are, but banana is the best. So, get all of you enough bananas to get you through the rough spots. Nuts and rice are good too by the way... (and stops the "clogged" effect by the bananas!)
I'm sure you will all come out of this stronger and Sydney will feel so relieved when it's over. I know; I have had 7 operations on one knee myself.
Stay strong, just another day and than it's over. Sending good energy your way and Sydney is in my prayers.
Hug, Bianca