More about mud


Two weeks ago, I posted about these 72 hst’s made from a flowery fabric and a mud colored solid. 


My goal was to make the mud color disappear. 

I started by using a dozen of them to make a star. 


That’s the center.  The stripe became the focus fabric. 

And, then I went hog wild with borders.


I’m pretty sure that nobody is going to look at this little quilt and think about that mud colored fabric, eh?  This was going to be a Linus quilt, but I need a baby quilt, so, we’re going to repurpose and make something else for Linus. 

This is different for me.  I’m used to making blocks and laying the blocks out in a grid.  It’s been my quilting style for as long as I’ve been quilting.  It was very new for me to start with a center block and then just add border after border after border until I got a quilt size.  I have at least two other blocks that I want to do this way.  They’re Mariner’s compass blocks and will make great quilt centers. 


Except these are really pretty blocks, so the idea will be to add borders that accentuate them instead of overpowering them. 

We’ve scheduled Syd’s knee surgery for 03/01.  She’s feeling pretty good about it.  She just wants to get it over with.  The doctor, who really took the time to talk to Sydney, was very frank about how hard the recovery was going to be.  He stressed that at some point, she’d have to take over her own physical therapy and it would take her resolve to do it and she’d have to self motivate.  He explained that the surgery is the easy part.  She’s talked to a dozen school mates that have had the same surgery and each and every one has told her about the pain that she’ll have to deal with during the PT, but they’ve also been very open and reassuring about her sleeping through the surgery and about how the PT gets easier and easier and how the hardest part is the first couple of weeks post op. 

Knowing that she’s feeling peaceful about the surgery and the recovery and that she’s got her eye on next year’s basketball season makes me feel more peaceful.  It’s going to be hard.  And, I know that her resolve will shake.  But, I think she’s as ready as she can be. 

The thing that makes me the most sad is that this is going to change her.  She’ll come out of it more mature and more independent and while those are wonderful things, I’m going to miss the little girl that we still have today.

Be well.  Have a great Wednesday.  If you have small kids, push down on their heads so they don’t grow up.



Kath said...

Wishing Miss Sydney all the best for her op xx

I loved that expression "I went hog wild "
I have never heard it, but I am determined to find the opportunity to use it!

lw said...

I love how the mud color became a wonderful neutral background for a very successful little medallion quilt. I think the checkerboard boarder really makes the quilt.

I'm with you-- I miss all of the little people that my children have been. I especially miss them when they were 4 and 2. It all comes back to you with the grandkids, which is what makes them so precious.

Mary said...

I miss most of all the out of the blue hugs my little boy used to give me so spontaneous and joyful. As the weight of the world lands on them, not as joyful or spontaneous.

Becky said...

You have done it again!! The baby quilt turned out beautifully!! Keeping Sydney in my prayers.....she'll do fine!

Maureen said...

Great baby quilt; good Sydney news. And it doesn't work: kids' heads are harder/stronger than our arms, and they grow up no matter how hard we push down! And they are fun when they are all grown up, too, just in a different way. Enjoy it all, Lane! You clearly can do whatever you set your mind to do. I appreciate your posts.

Anonymous said...

Very creative use of your "muddy hst's". Love all the borders. They keep your eye moving around the quilt. Will be thinking of your family next week when Sydney has her surgery. (Pls check your email.) Barb

qltmom9 said...

I wish that worked, but they grow at night. >>>sigh<<< I hope she's amazed with how well it all goes.


Anonymous said...

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Carla said...

Wow. Hog wild is good. LOL
The mud dissappeared by all means.
I like the quilt!