A photo saves a thousand rips

Do you guys ever take pictures of your work to decide how good it is? 

I don’t know where i heard this, maybe way back on Simply Quilts, but they suggested that you take a photo of your work before deciding whether it’s working or not. 


When I looked at this block, face to face this morning, I said that the curves that I quilted into those two capital T’s at the top overwhelmed the feather in the square.  I even took this picture to show you what I thought was wrong.  But, then, I looked at the picture and I’m not so sure that they are overwhelming.  In fact, I’m thinking that I may need to clean up that feather a bit, which is not what I had anticipated. 

Getting the perspective and the distance and the focus that a photo gives is a good way to decide whether you’ve made a mistake or not. 

Even so, I’m not sure whether this is what I want.  I may still pull that quilting out and put it back in a brown thread.  Or, I might leave it there.  Or, I might just ditch around the T’s and leave it at that.  That’s the beauty of me quilting for me.  I get to do whatever I want to do. 

And, my motto is that if the quilting isn’t perfect, then put in enough that the imperfections disappear. 

I know everybody is having crazy weather.  Ours is, too.  Not as severe as most places, but it’s already planting season here.  And, it shouldn’t be.  We had 60 mph winds on Monday.  They did a great job of cleaning the dead growth out of the trees.  One tree in the front hit the house and took out one of our gutters.  And, there are a thousand little sticks all over the yard. 

There just hasn’t been time to clean them all up yet.  But, we have plenty of time, I guess, to get around to that.

Everybody be well.  Some piece of software is insisting on a restart RIGHT NOW as though anything time sensitive ever happens on my piddly pc.  Apparently the only thing that’s time sensitive here is the pc’s need to reboot!  RIGHT NOW!  So, I better publish this because we all know that the computers are really in control, right? 

Bring me a Terminator!



Kath said...

Oh yes, I quilt, bind, take a photo, put it on my blog and think OOPS that's not terribly good after all, but it's a done-deed and too late by then LOL

Piece by Piece said...

The digital camera makes it so easy to take a photo of a project, it gives a different perspective to it. I take pics of the blocks on my design wall, move them around and take more.
The camera is a good tool to use in my sewing room.

Shay said...

I always take photos of my laid out quilt blocks before I start sewing it all together. I pick up a ton of mistakes by looking at it on my computer and thankfully I can correct them with a lot less un-sewing!

Janet said...

I like your quilting! I've taken pictures to remember block placement or check color combos.