Another overachiever’s weekend

Yet another busy weekend of multiple large projects running simultaneously.  Sometimes, Rob and Sydney just watch me walking back and forth, from one to the next, work a while here, work a while there. 

Mostly, I was resting my legs or waiting for glue to dry.

Very little work was done on the two spool.  The needle clamp did come in and I installed it this morning and the machine has made its first stitches for me. 


It makes a nice stitch and I am very happy, although I’m still working on the tension.  But, I’ll get there.  I still have to figure out how to power the machine.  Do I buy another treadle base?  Do I buy a motor?  Do I attach my hand crank?  I’m thinking a motor and then put it in one of my current cabinets.  But, we shall have to wait and see.  All I know right now is that it won’t fit my current treadle base.  The hinge pins are off by a quarter inch.  RATS!

Speaking of the treadle.  I quilted a Linus quilt on it this weekend. 


That was actually fun.


Rob and I made a video of me working on it.  Soon as those are uploaded, I’ll show you how I FMQ on a manually powered sewing machine. 


It was actually easier than I thought it would be.

But, while I was using it, I certainly found opportunities for cleaning and polishing on both machines. 


I considered my Singer 127 treadle to be in good mechanical order but not so good looking.  Now, I recognize that most of that is just the need for a good shining up.  And, mostly in the same places as the two spool machine.

I also built cabinets 3 and 4 for the miniature kitchen.


This is basically how the cabinets will fit at the end of the long, narrow kitchen area, except of course, the upper cabinets will be suspended from the wall.  Very many details, but you’d be surprised how much easier it got after I watched a you tube video.

Yesterday, I managed to spend a good part of the day out in the yard.  Not so much working in the beds as just putting in those last couple of plants and repotting some things and cleaning up.  Always with the cleaning up.

And, I forgot to show the picture of the May Linus quilt that I got pieced last week.


I think I’ll try to quilt it next weekend…also on the treadle?

Still not enjoying those homespuns.  I took 6 of my old homespun shirts apart and am ready to start cutting into them.  I’ll be glad when that stash of fabrics is gone.  I don’t care for them for quilting and I don’t care for them for shirts.  But, they’re making terrific Linus quilts for older boys. 

So long as you aren’t overly concerned with straight lines.

Be well.  Have a great Monday.  Hi-ho…oh whatever.  It’s another day at the old grindstone.



mssewcrazy said...

Since you have a treadle already,I think if I were you I'd put a motor on it since the bobbin feature is something you plan to use lots. I have a 99k handcrank and while I like it, I prefer the 127 treadle on things that I'd like to not have to crank or use both hands. Except for the 2 spool you just got I notice that I tend to have the same models of vintage machines come here. After you posted about getting Mr. Ken Moore rotary, a neighbor called for me to come get one or to the trash it was going. Being out of room I am wondering when a 2 spool will appear so I guess I better clear a spot. Lol! Btw you did a great job cleaning that bobbin case and the two spool.

Kath said...

we had a bank holiday here and long awaited sunshine! so our time was spent in the garden.
I love your May Linus quilt, I am a sucker for plaids.

Coloradolady said...

I thought about you over and over yesterday. I needed to quilt a baby quilt and well, you know I don't want to quilt on my machines. But...I did and straight line quilted it. I hated every minute of it. All I kept hearing in my head were your words that said how relaxing it is to machine quilt. I guess I either don't have the machines for it, or it just is a thing I need to get over. The quilting turned out just so-so. I did quilt large stars in the four corners, that is about as creative as I could get. Sigh. I even washed this one before I gave it and I never wash a quilt before I give it. Thought it would help hide the imperfections!

I think my problem is, I want a long arm and can't get that out of my head. If I detest quilting a baby quilt, can you imagine a full or queen size. Ugh. And honestly, I do want to have the skills you do and the mindset to do that kind of work...what is wrong with me???

I like the May Linus quilt. I want to make me a quilt out of some of the shirt fabrics I have saved. I made one and gave it away, now wish I had one for myself! Have a great week!

lw said...

I love the leaves in your quilting, but I can't understand how you can use a treadle to machine quilt.

I don't find quilting relaxing yet, I need a lot more practice.

Did you tie or quilt your denim sofa quilts?