This, that, and the other

Nothing in particular exciting going on, unless you count that it’s FRIDAY and the weekend is nigh upon us.  Still playing with the two spool and trying to work out how I can fit a bouncing free motion foot to a Griest  foot clamp.

I took a picture of the spool case, all proud, after I’d finished cleaning it, and while the eye couldn’t see any rust, the camera saw it. So, I decided to try the polishing.  Me, I’m thinking it worked pretty good.  Here are the photos, in order.

What I saw when I opened the box. (This is just like the pictures in the ebay advertisement, so I knew exactly what I was getting.)


This is when I thought it looked good enough.  Course, I’m getting tired of cleaning, too, so clean enough is getting easier to come by.


And, this is after I polished it.  I want to do the same to the hook and the hook race, but I can’t figure out how to get the bloody things out.  And, I’m not pulling, pushing or prying.  They’re clean enough.  One day, I’ll figure them out and they can be pretty, too.  For now, I suspect they’re suspended in some concrete like solution of old oil and red dirt and lint, but so long as they turn, I’m good.


Here’s the foot I’ve tried to improvise.  There is a post that runs vertically through the machine.  A clamp goes at the end and Griest feet attach to the bottom of the claimp.  I have modified the foot from a slant shank machine and can get it attached to the clamp, but the screw is the tiniest bit too long to tighten both the claim and the darning foot.  Add a washer, and it’s too short to connect with the post.  Anyway, I tried to shorten the screw.  I hit it 5 times with the grinder, testing it after each time.  Too long, too long, too long…  The 6th time and it was too short.  Oops, I said a bad word.


I can’t do hundredths of an inch.  Should I seek a professional?  The lady whose video I showed using the machine found a way to make a foot out of a paper clip.  I’m also going to try that.  If that works, I will sure be letting you know.  Course I really don’t know how well any of this works yet because I don’t have a needle clamp.  The post office has my needle clamp, but they should give it to me today or tomorrow.

Last night was Sydney’s basketball banquet. 


Rob went with her.  Everything went well.  I should have inspected the whole outfit together, one last time before last night.  But, I didn’t and I didn’t say anything.  It was fine, except the lining is micro mini short and in the right light, you can tell that…unfortunately, not the light that was to be had in the store or I’d have known to tell her to wear a half slip under it. 

Be well.  Have a great Friday.  Have a great weekend.  Sydney woke up sick, so I’m home with her. 

Working from home.  Working from home.  Oh how much fun can it be.  Working from home.

Actually, it’s harder than you might thing; being surrounded by all your favorite things and not getting to play.  She started with a sore throat.  Hmmm.  Is my throat sore, too?



Bratling said...

hmmm.... that looks sorta, okay just like the darning foot for my 1960s Pfaff!

lw said...

The bobbin spool holder looks so pretty now! I hope you don't get Sydney's sore throat-- but it couldn't hurt to make chicken soup.

Elizabeth said...

Sydney is so beautiful! Love her outfit, even without the slip ;).

Working from home is a blessing and a curse. This week is one of my really LONG weeks (which I hate) so I break up the day by working at work in the morning and then I come home at the same time the Little Bugs do and work the rest of the day from home. It is hard not to lie down and take a nap when I feel sleepy working from home. At work, I just get up, have a drink of water, maybe take a walk around the block and get back to work. Here, the couch mocks me . . . Anyway, eight hours today and six tomorrow and my week is done. I'm going to leave work a little earlier than usual today & pick up my sewing machine from the shop and then pop in at JoAnn's. That means I'll have to work a little later than usual tonight, but I think it is a good trade-off, since I'll be at home if the fam needs anything and I'll get about an hour of "me," guilt-free in the middle of the day. As long as the job gets done, my bosses are happy.

Your machine is coming along nicely. What a difference the polishing made.

xo -E

mssewcrazy said...

Well that is some difference in what you started with-nice cleanup job.
I'm sure Sydney was happy you didn't inspect. Young people and half slips are two different worlds sort of like they don't wear hosiery either. Sometimes it's better just not knowing and fretting over what they should be doing regarding dress code. After raising three daughters I quit sweating the little battles.
Make her gargle a lot with warm salty water-still the best thing ever for a sore throat and free.

Kath said...

what a lovely photo, Miss Sydney is a real looker, you'll soon be chasing the boys away from your gate, with a broom!

Bianca said...

Haven't been over for a while and see you haven't been sitting still. Love the oldie, would love to own one myself too.
Love Sydney's outfit and especially her shoes!! Been looking for simular things.
Working from home would be something I most certainly couldn't do. To much destractions around me to get any work done at all!!!
Well, take care. I hear sore throats are very, very contagious!!! Enjoy the weekend!
Hug, Bianca

Rebecca Grace said...

This reminds me of one of my husband's favorite carpentry jokes: "I cut it twice, and it's STILL too short!" His dad or granddad used to say that in German.

I hope Sydney feels better soon, and that your throat gets just sore enough to keep you home from work, but not so sore that you can't play with your sewing machines while you're recuperating!