The phone issue is resolved.  I have a new one.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy for Rob, but he got it done.  I had it in my hand yesterday afternoon and I synched up with my computer last night and within an hour, it was a duplicate of my old phone, right down to the bookmark in the book I was listening to.

I didn't plan to synch my phone on Saturday, but it sure was a lucky thing I did.

If you don't synch, you're sunk.

Little known fact; if you take your broken and uninsured iphone to an apple store, they have a replacement at a lower cost option that doesn't get advertised much, except through word of mouth, like this.  It wasn't free, but it was less than half the cost of replacing the phone through our service provider. 

I am lucky that I am in a relationship where we can share blame and move forward rather than fighting about who is more at fault.  My relationships have not always been that way.

Okay, so that's the end of the phone saga.  Life moves on.  Unfortunately, nothing fun has happened in the interim to share.  My plans to work from home today and post later in the day with pictures fell through due to an uncooperative computer this morning and an unhelpful help desk representative who only got this close to a diagnosis of the problem "well, I can get in.  i don't know why you can't" and the closest he got to a solution was "well, let's start over with some new software.  do you have this piece of hardware?"  Okay, so at that point, I thanked him for his time and told him I was already late for a meeting and needed to get off the phone and head to the office. 

This is why Rob takes care of our customer service.  He probably could have had a technician at our house by 10:30am. 

The best I could do was get off the phone without shouting, which wouldn't have helped anybody.

Be well.  Have a great Tuesday.  Lane


Elizabeth said...

Boy, I wish I had the talent to get uncooperative CS reps to help me. I'm like you and would have barely made it off that call without losing my cool.

Glad you got a new phone :).

Working from home today . . . hopefully there will be no issues. If there are, I just won't work. How's that for a good attitude?

xo -E

lw said...

So sorry to hear about the laundry mishap; in our house it would be both our faults as well.

I'm the one who deals with customer service; I could learn a thing or two from Rob, I never get free stuff, though I once got t-mobile to lower my bill because their salesman didn't update my account to show that I had unlimited minutes, though, oddly, I was being charged for them.

Coloradolady said...

I tend to want to shout too.....just sayin'!~

Papadesdeux said...

I'm not really commenting on your phone trauma. (Although I can certainly relate on a number of levels.) I really felt obliged to leave an odd note to thank you for making me feel like an idiot.

I was watching your treadle free-motion video and I was struck by the fact that you had both hands on the work and started up without touching the wheel with your hand. Duh. I had "learned" that to start treadling I needed to pull the wheel with my hand to make sure it started turning in the right direction. But after watching your video I sat down and realized I just need to position the needle/treadle at the point so pressing with my foot will oblige the correct forward motion. My life will never be the same. . . sort of . . . maybe I will even get up the nerve to take a quilting class and pay homage to my Paducah heritage.

Happy phoning.

Carla said...

I always love it when I get a help desk tech who's can hardly speak English or has an accent so heavy I can't understand what they want me to do.
I just want break something and it's usually the dream of throwing the computer at the idiot I'm talking to on the phone who is making me feel really stupid. Oh well life goes on