Travel day and another treadling video

People who travel a lot don’t get as anxious when they travel as I do.  And, I hope I never have to travel enough that it becomes routine, like it is for my boss.    I think he keeps a bag packed all the time and just tosses fresh clothes in it once in a while.  I spent half of yesterday getting it all together and ironing and folding and packing and making sure I have projects, so if you see a guy in an airport or on a plane sewing a hexie project that he totally stole from Bonnie Hunter, that’s me!

Rob got several more  of our videos uploaded over the weekend, so I’ll post links as we get them finalized.  There’s still one more to make.  And, did I do a thing to get ready for it this weekend?  No.  Instead, I pulled out my 10 year old hexie project and looked at it and just was not interested enough to work on it while I travel.  And, I pulled out a tatting project.  Tatting is great for travel because it takes up practically no space and nobody knows what it is, so they don’t know if it’s masculine or not.  For all they know, I could be making a fish net.  And, I didn’t like what I had started and didn’t want to take it because the tips are worn on the shuttle and they don’t close good and it would have spent as much time on the airplane floor as in my lap…but it’s not my only shuttle… 

So, I started two new projects. 

Okay, so here’s the link to the video.  It’s the start of the series.  I was still getting used to the treadle, which I hadn’t really sewn on in a year.  My motions are less sure and the needle isn’t as still when resting as it gets later in the day and I get more used to the treadle action. 

What do you need to know.  It was early and my brain wasn’t working right.  I know that the thing I wind is called a long bobbin and that it goes into a shuttle and the shuttle goes into a race.  But, I called most of that by the wrong name that morning and I’m not re-filming.  At the end, when you’ve seen them all, you’ll know the parts I’m talking about.  There’s a whole segment on the tools I used and in that one, I show you how to wind a bobbin (in an earlier one, I show you how NOT to).

Kath asked about my pins.  I use a small curved safety pin and a plastic “handle” that makes them easier to grip…and to see.  I hate quilting along and plowing into a safety pin.  I’ll talk about them more, too. 

Okay, so I have a few minutes for some last minute watering…another one of the things I just never got to yesterday. 

Everybody be well.  Have a good Monday.  Lane


Elizabeth said...

Another fun video!

Hope your trip goes well (and quickly).

xo -E

Kath said...

I enjoyed your film Lane, don't you have a nice voice!
I noticed at the weekend my neighbours put a treadle machine outside, it was covered with plastic which blew off and has not been replaced. I'm assuming it's going to the dump. Seems a shame!

lw said...

I have a 128. I haven't been able to get any of the old Singers to FMQ. I think I'm not setting the tension right, the thread keeps snapping. Can you add anything special you're doing to set the machines to get them to quilt without problem.

Mary said...

I totally hear you on the sewing over safty pins. Have done that on a couple of quilts and is a totaly pain getting them out.