Time in the garden

I spend time every day in my garden.  My rule of thumb is that gardening takes 15 minutes every day plus 4 hours every weekend plus two full weekends a year.  In those few minutes that I’m out there every day, I may just walk around, or I may water or pull some weeds.  But, every day, I enjoy it for at least a few minutes.  And, I am amazed at how fast things come along and do their thing and then fade away…their moment in the sun.

But, this is the season when gardening goes from play to work.  This is when Mother Nature begins to withhold her support in the form of rain. 

And, it’s when the pesky dad-gummed poopy headed darned old mosquitoes go nuts, feeding on the very blood I need to survive.  Little lightening fast devils.  blankety-blank blank blank blank blank and I’m scratching all over my face and arms this morning because I wasn’t ready.

It’s also daylily season and that makes the bugs just a wee bit more tolerable.




That last one just speaks the word Happy to me because it has truly found it’s perfect spot on the planet.

And, I still have Iris blooming and don’t want to forget them.  We’ve finally figured out where all these iris came from.  They’re from Boston and New Hampshire.  No wonder it took them years to decide to bloom in the Texas heat.


Anyway, I’m going to battle with Mother Nature and try to keep all the expensive water that I have to put out as I can.


Thirty-six cubic feet of mulch should get me started.

On the quilting front, I am totally devoted to this little hexie project.  I know that at some point, my hexie mojo is going to give, but for now, I’m just working my new thimbles to the bone.  One more wedgie shape and I’ll be ready to assemble the center pieces.


Okay, have a great Wednesday.  I am writing a document at work.  Actually, it’s not even that exciting.  I’m taking two business documents I already wrote and comparing them to find all the differences.  Word for bloody word for bloody word.

Be well.  Lane


lw said...

Beautiful flowers! I never remember to put on a citronella bracelet until after I'm outside and bitten. I've got to come up with a better idea for remembering them.

Kath said...

hello Lane, I'm afraid my geography is rather poor and I did not realise you were close the where the tornado hit. I'm so glad you and your family are OK and I am very sad for the people of Oklahoma.
Your plants are looking very pretty, that is good advice, enjoy your garden for 15 mins a day every day, I shall remember that. It's easy to dash through on my way from the car and only venture out back when there's washing to be hung.
Good luck with the documents!

Marei said...

It's blanket-blank-blank-blank-BLANK mosquito time here, too! I live just off of the river so those pesky rizzum-razzums drive me nuts! Time to use the "bug juice" as my dad used to say.

Kim said...

I've been away from it for a few years now, but there used to be a way to have Microsoft Word compare two documents and show you the differences. Perhaps that won't work in this instance?

cottonreel said...

Love the pic,. of your Iris . We call them flags here in England
Keep your mozzies , I get bitten by all sorts in my garden

Anonymous said...

I read on Pinterest that if you put a dryer sheet in your pocket the mosquitos will leave you alone. Worth a shot...

Barb in Iowa