I apologize in advance

My blog is no longer a word verification free blog.  I just can't stand the spammers anymore.  I apologize to you for having to do it and my hope is that I only have to do it for a short time and then I can go back to moderation, but somehow, all that spam has stopped going to my spam folder and is now invading my inbox.  Not sure what happened there.

Anyway, my experience with using word verification on some other folks blogs is that it has gotten much better and the words easier to read and I'm hoping that will extend to my blog as well.

So, what's happening with me?  Teenager's got straight A's.  I know that part of it is our crackdown after her last report card.  But, she's got straight A's!  Celebrate when you can. 

After three days of dealing with my company's helpdesk, we discovered this morning that a step was left out of the instructions, and it made all the difference.  Just one little detail.  But, it took 5 "not on the clock" hours of me trying to figure it out and three calls to the helpdesk before one lady said, I haven't heard you say you did this.  And, when I did that, I was in. 

Rob came home last night after I'd tried the latest list of "stuff to try when nobody understands what's wrong" and I was stuffing tortilla chips in my mouth like an arborist feeding a wood chipper, crumbs probably flying everywhere.  I think he understood when I smiled and said that sometimes frustration just needs chips to go with it.  But, I never raised my voice.  I didn't even growl in frustration.  So, chips were a small price to pay.

I sew.  I walk in the garden.  I read blogs.  I work.  I cooked a roast last night.  Life goes on.  Welcome to the doldrums.  Please let me live vicariously through your exciting blog posts.  I promise, I'll pay you back when I get some excitement going in my own life again. 

I guess I could celebrate that we had a roast to cook, huh?



Kath said...

I'm feeling the same way Lane, I was counting on you for some excitement LOL Will Miss Sydney be celebrating in some way?
Hey there is something to get excited about with me, I have men digging new drains for our extension, so I guess moving into my new sewing room is that much closer! :-D

lw said...

So proud of Sydney's straight A's!!! Go, girl!!

I don't mind about the word verification. Anything to stop the spam.

Your description of the chip-eating is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Sydney on her grades.
I just checked the word verification and you can read it without trouble.
I worked in IT departments from the 70's up to 2010. I understand your frustrations. Good job at taking it out on just the chips.
Thanks for sharing. Sorry no excitment from me.

Linda in TX said...

You're looking for excitement? And Sydney got STRAIGHT A's???? That's EXCITEMENT man!

Shay said...

The straight A's would have me doing the happy dance for days. That NEVER happened in my house! Well done Sydney. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Spam, spam. You should get a load of the telephone calls from telemarketers that you get the minute you turn 65 years old!! They have settled down to one or two a day now, or maybe dementia has set in.

Kate said...

Funny how we all think our own life is boring, and everyone else's is exciting! You are doing just fine. Some low drama times are essential. Congrats to Sydney.. Celebrate big.

Elizabeth said...

Good job Sydney! That is a huge achievement!

The spam is out of control. Word verification is OK by me. Leave it as long as you like. It's gotten easier all around.

xo -E

ga447 said...

Getting all "A" isn't an easy task, lots of celebration for her. I am happiest when life is just simple. I am on a diet but I am going to make a apple pie to celebrate this weekend.

Enjoy your 3 day weekend.

Frances Welch said...

congratulations Sydney straight A's are way to go hope dad and dad have something nice planned for you as a reward.
Only exciting thing here DD is home for half -term next week(I miss her lots) then she's back to her pupils in London, and she will be taking a baby quilt with her for her new niece or nephew -in -law who is due any day now.
Hope that's enough excitement Lane!!!

Mary said...

Oh how wonderful to have straight A's. I wish I could say that mine ever got near that. Word verification not that bad.

Rebecca Grace said...

The Doldrums? Ooh, that comment took me straight back to The Phantom Tollbooth, one of my favorite classic children's books. There's the Doldrums, and Jumping to Conclusions where you suddenly get whisked off and stranded on an island called Conclusions... Love that book.

As for you, cooking a wonderful roast for your family? Kid getting straight As? Time to cook, read, sew, and handling the help desk without your blood pressure going through the roof? I think that sounds pretty good. :-)

cindyquiltsOR said...

It takes a lot of positive parenting as well as student effort to get straight "A"s.

Congrats to the whole family.

Tammy said...

Hi Lane,
I loathe word verification, sometimes it takes 3 or 4 attempts to get the letters and numbers correct. Like you, I had a ton of spam in my comments only when I allowed anonymous comments. Now that I don't allow anonymous comments, the spam is gone form my junk and inbox.

Congrats to Sydney for all straight As and bravo to you and Rob for being fantastic dads.

I love reading your blog, your life in Texas is so much different than my life in Manitoba, Canada. Yet we both sew with a Bernina 930 record, quilt, collect sewing machines, cook, garden, take photographs, love our families and tell stories.

It is fabulous. Have you ever made a tumbling blocks quilt?

Coloradolady said...

Oh, way to go Sydney!!! That is something to celebrate!!

Hope you are having a great weekend. I am off to the sewing room to try and finish up a wedding gift and then work on a couple of more gifts. I need more hours in the day!!

Tell Syd way to go!!