A little bit of Linus magic

The weekend of the quilt show, I had a really big week.  Other than being sick.  So, I wanted the first thing I finished to be something for someone else.  And, that brought a Linus quilt top out of the closet.

This was the only one finished…which is a surprise.  I thought I had more tops assembled than this for donation.

Anyway, this one quilted up in about four hours.  After months of working on the silk quilt, you can imagine how happy I was to finish something that quick.  This is one of the quilts I’m going to get out of Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street mystery.  There will be three.  I really didn’t have many fabrics in the colors she suggested, and I didn’t think to substitute colors more prominent in my stash.


The back is actually a much better color match to the front than it looks.  The fabric was donated by a friend and works perfect as a teen girl quilt. 


I’ve also been working on that satin stitched applique project.


It’s amazing what a small addition can do to change a quilt.


Those little lavender circles will go back in as the flower centers (at least I think they will).  They’re yo-yos and the ruffled side gives the quilt a nice added dimension. And, then it will just need sashing and quilting to be a finished project.  Another UFO out of the closet and maybe good enough to go on the wall.  I’m hoping to emphasize the green/red/gold combination with a nice Christmas themed print. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  Lane


SunGold said...

I'm in awe of your skills, and love the idea of giving quilts to others. The only thing we really have is time, and to give the time it takes to make a quilt is a profound act of love. You're an inspiration.

Carla said...

I like that quilt and the backing.
I really wish I could get into applique but I feel all thumbs when I do that kind of hand work. Yours is beautiful.