Location, location

I helped hang quilts yesterday.  I helped hang a lot of quilts.  And, when I left, they had whole sections that needed to be hung, but because the background drapes weren’t there, couldn’t be hung yet. 

My Indian Orange Peel, The Point is the Points hangs at position one.  That’s pretty cool.  First quilt when people enter the show.  Facing out.  Great location.  Right behind best of show.  And, yes, I pointed out to a few people that it was mine.  Hmm.  If I don’t toot my own horn, who’s gonna?


My other quilts didn’t fare so well. 


Yes, center top row is another bird quilt.  Mine is on the right.

There are 350 quilts in the show.  In no other section are the quilts hung so densely, generally not more than three quilts to a ten foot section, and then, only if they are small, like 18-24” square.  The silk quilt is in a dark corner so you can’t see anything but a square of fabric until you get right up on it.  When I took this, there was another quilt at my left shoulder, so these densely packed quilts are going to create a bottleneck that will prevent some people from stopping. 

Some time between two a.m., when I woke up thinking about this, and 5 a.m. when Rob got up, I decided that if anybody’s quilt could pull off this crap spot, MINE could.  I hope it creates a bottleneck that they need a crossing guard and three paramedics to straighten out. 

Okay, not literally.  That wouldn’t be a good thing for the show.  But, I think you know what I mean. 

Anyway, I worked alongside a whole lot of really nice people yesterday and I think I helped make sure my groups had fun while we worked hard.  There was also some stuff I witnessed that wasn’t so nice.  Like the lady that had a fit because she didn’t like the layout where her quilts were being hung.  There were people that wanted to follow rules until it was uncomfortable and you guys know how I am when I’m not enjoying what I’m doing.  And, there were people that were polite and soft spoken and helpful and appreciative.  The way it worked for me was, I started with a team and we finished what we were working on and kind of drifted apart.  Then, I joined another team and we worked together for a while; two teams at opposite ends, hanging quilts toward the middle, where all kinds of laughter and chaos broke out.  And, I joined a third team near the end and we had a lot of fun hanging miniatures. 

Apparently, having the stamina of an ox, I ended up being one of the last people hanging and walked behind a show coordinator that was closing gaps where quilts didn’t make it by the deadline.  Sometimes, we’d move a half dozen quilts, half of them to the left, half to the right.

And, then I went home. 

I was plum tuckered out. 

I’m a little sore and slow today, but otherwise, no ill effects of going up and down a step stool about a hundred and fifty times.

Have a good Wednesday.  Lane


Lakegaldonna said...

Best of luck at the show Lane!

I too had two small wall quilts that did not get good spots or lighting in a show last year. I could not rock those spots at all, sigh.

Hoping your smalls will be a traffic jam!
Keep us informed.

lw said...

Your Points quilt should create a traffic jam right at the entrance. It's a show-stopper.

Your silk quilt is just as excellent, but more subtle. Your show missed a real opportunity with your silk quilt. I'd have hung it solo, and I'd have added lighting so that the detail could be seen.

Hope it goes well, and I admire you for understanding that the whole process-- sewing, meetings, shopping, setting up and shows should all be fun.

http://thankfullga447 said...

You deserve the courage award, I would be a wreck if I entered a quilt in a show.

Megan said...

Your first quilt will cause a log jam at the entrance, Lane! I understand your disappointment about the position of the other two. The silk quilt is phenomenal and obviously won't be appreciated to its fullest extent given where it's been positioned. Perhaps this might motivate you to consider entering it in larger (national?) shows? It certainly warrants it. In the meantime, I admire your willingness to keep your disappointment in perspective and contribute wholeheartedly to the team effort to get the show hung. Congratulations.

Sydney, Australia

Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to help some folks and to ignore some others. I too wish you had a better place for the silk one, but the Points one is a perfect place. Good luck and let us know how you do. lum

karrarist said...

Good Luck, Your quilts are beautiful, you have my vote.