A busy quilter

is a happy quilter.

Holiday quilts.  I guess it’s never too early to work on Holiday quilts. 

This quilt needed a back.


I had two yards of a black holiday print that I’d bought with the kit as a “just in case” I couldn’t get more of the border fabric.  But, two yards wasn’t enough for the back, so I pieced a strip that is 12  by “a little over 72” to fill in the extra space.


Rob thought I should use it as a table runner, so I’ve promised to make him a table runner out of the last bits of this fabric.  Anyway, I cut five inches of length off the side of the backing and inserted the pieced section between the two sections of black.  That way, when I trim and square up, I’ll be cutting away the solid piece of fabric and not part of my piecing.  I did the same by adding strips of fabric to both ends of the pieced section.  Now, I just have to make sure it’s straight when I layer the quilt to pin baste it.  Soon. 

I also made a new quilt back for this quilt.


This one was pin basted to a horrible back.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  But, at least I was smart enough not to start quilting it.  Anyway, new back and now, it’s ready to go.  The new back is brown, with lots of little pointy trees on it, so it’s perfect. 

Yesterday was the next Civil War block from Barbara Brackman.


That’s block nine.  I really do enjoy the blocks.  And, I hope I’m going to end up with a nice quilt at the end.  If I don’t, it won’t be from lack of time spent choosing fabrics and precision piecing.

This, just out of the dryer.


Rob was caught snuggling under a warm Linus quilt.  With the air conditioning on.  Because who can resist a warm quilt, right out of the dryer.

Everybody have a great Monday.  I have more things to share.  I was very industrious this weekend.  Sydney decided to bake not one, but two cheesecakes and you can imagine how that went…  I found her crying in the kitchen, running cold water over a burned hand.  It was pitiful.  My first reaction was to be a dad and ask (real loud) “why did you do that?”  But, later, while I helped her one handed attempts to put sheets on her bed, I told her that the only people that don’t make mistakes are people that don’t do anything.

I wonder if she knows how few people would attempt to bake two cakes at the same time.  Or, how brave that makes her. 

Oh, and the cheesecakes were “deeeeelish!”



Gisela Suski said...

Love your quilts and love the energy you have. You quilt your patterns on a sewing machine, you do not have a long arm? You have patience.

Kath said...

If we were neighbours i would give you an Aloe vera plant for kitchen window ledge. The cool gel squeezed from the leaf, is so soothing. But maybe you already know that.
I liked your quilts very much Lane. I am always amazed at the big quilts you can wash and dry. My washer drum is so small.
The Xmas quilt is so pretty, I would not thought of black for xmas, but it's so effective.

lw said...

Two cheesecakes at once is pretty ambitious, but aside from the burn, Sydney totally pulled it off.

I love the photo of Rob in the Linus quilt.

Glad you hadn't started quilting before you noticed that the backing wasn't quite right. Since properly loved quilts tend to get a little rumpled, the backs really do make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Could you send a little of that energy down here? Don't know how you folks do all the things you do. Love the quilts, especially the one Rob is using! Syd can bake us a cheesecake just anytime. Sorry she burned her hand. When I cooked a lot, I always burned hand, finger, something that hurt. Lum

Rebecca Grace said...

I love your holiday quilts, especially how the one with the trees turned out! Sad for Sydney that the oven attacked her while she was trying to bake cakes. My oven has turned on me and burned me many times, as has my stove, my iron, and my espresso machine. Most importantly, it sounds like the cakes were successful! I'd rather burn myself for a great cake than be unburned and cakeless any day...