Packed and ready to go

My quilts are packed.  Rob took one to work for people to see and I’m taking the other two.  And, while I was finishing up at a leisurely pace, I finished the little 30’s era quilt.  \


Just needs an outer border.  I’ve had that green solid fabric for a long time.  Stumbled up on it in a thrift store.  I hid it so well that I couldn’t find it yesterday, but then it surfaced. 

Had to remake the Monkey Wrench block; it was the same shade of green as the sashing, albeit with little pink roses, and changed to a pink that came with the kit, but was discarded during construction.  It has lots of big white puppies on a pink background and it was planned for a block with little pieces.  The points would have been lost on the white background because of the large white spaces in the pink.  But, in a block with larger pieces, it works great. 

I decided to extend it to 12 for a lap size and went to my oldest pattern books for patterns like Jacob’s Ladder and Aunt Sukey’s Choice. 

I made this block, but it was so different that I didn’t include it.  It’s called Letha’s Electric Fan and you can find a pattern on the internet and a tutorial (make sure the pattern prints the right size.  The rectangles are 7.5x5.5 unfinished).  I pieced my arcs and cheated by appliqueing them onto fabric the right size. 


Love this block.  It’s been on my list of blocks to make for a long time.  It required all kinds of skills to draft and applique and make the circle and partial seam piece the whole thing together.   But, together it is.

Here are my two quilts.  I’m taking them to show off at the office.

Have a great Monday. 



Rebecca Grace said...

I love your electric fan block! Why do you say it was cheating to applique the arcs? Cheating would have been using a fabric that had the pieced arcs PRINTED on it. As long as you sewed it yourself, it's not cheating, it's the Designer's Preference! Your '30s quilt looks great, and that shade of green is spot on for the era. Perfection!

karrarist said...

Your quilts look lovely in their bags and neat labels- If they were people they would be in their Sunday best- on their way to tea- or perhaps a night out on the town :)

lw said...

Love your fun 30's quilt top, and I wish I was at your work today to get a close up of your show quilts.

Gisela Suski said...

The viewers today and at the quilt have a treat in store.

Carla said...

What backing did you use on that first quilt? me and friend of mine both have a quilt top that has that color of green or simiular to it and can't figure out what to use

Carla said...

Oh and the quilts look awesome.