Sense of humor

The Universe has a strange sense of humor.  It’s quilt show weekend.  I’ve won lots of wonderful ribbons. 

And, I’m sick as Job’s dog.

I’ve got some kind of upper respiratory infection.  It kept me in bed or storming around in a feverish state of anger all day yesterday.  (I don’t do sick very well.) 

And, today is only slightly better.  So, I’m going to load myself up with a daytime cold remedy (artificial wellness isn’t something I usually do) to stop the nose blowing and cough and I’m going to the quilt show for a couple hours with the family. 

It’s what I want to do. 



Michelle said...

Lane, there is an aweful flu going around here. If you think you might have it, get yourself to the dr for some meds. It's nasty!


Kath said...

I don’t do sick very well.

Nor me Lane, we are alike in so many ways.
I hope you will take it steady while you are recovering.

mssewcrazy said...

Sorry that you have some sort of big. I meant to post on the contest results and say congratulations. That point quilt with all it's brights was so outstanding. I enjoy seeing all of your quilts but that one was breath taking.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get well soon and that your family are not dealing with a post-euphoric trauma situation! With all my love to you and your family from Scotland.x

mssewcrazy said...

Was going to click on the link to yesterday's post and saw I put big in my comment. I meant sorry you have a bug. Stupid autocorrect. Going to the quilt show with no stress hopefully will make you feel better.