Satin Stitch Applique

I’ve been doing Satin Stitch Applique for the last few days.  It started with this little kit project that I bought as a clearance item from JoAnn’s. 


It’s a little table runner and I did satin stitch applique around all the pieces, then quilted it in a nice echo stitch.  I did the whole thing, including binding, in a day.  I like a quilt in a day.


Then, I moved on to a long term UFO that was gifted to me.  There are four of these blocks.  Someone started them, but I don’t think they liked Satin stitch because only one was really satin stitched, and it wasn’t very good.


The rest were done with a narrow zig-zag, in multiple shades of green thread.


I’m picking out that narrow stitch and replacing it with a better satin stitch.


The pieces are fused to the background, so I couldn’t fix those little mis-alignments, but they’re going to be fine. 

I have one quarter of a block of green stitching left to put in (yes, you can imagine how hard it was to walk away from it this morning) and then I’m going to do the red, and probably add some gold berries to it…or maybe not, then join them with some sashing and add a border, and that will be another of my UFO’s, marked off the list. 

I’m big on marking projects off the list right now.  I have another complete finish for Linus to show that I did last weekend.  After spending months on the quilts I entered in the show, projects I can finish in a day are in big demand around here.

When Joen Wolfrom was here, I shared that I wanted to make one of every kind of quilt.  She kind of made fun of me, implying I wouldn’t live long enough.  I don’t think she understood how broad my categories are.  For example, make a satin stitch applique quilt is nearly done.  Make a whig rose variation applique quilt…that one’s checked off, too.  Again, marking things off the list is very satisfying.  Is this a quilt I love?  No.  But, I’m enjoying the heck out of the technique and I’d sure do this again in a different style of quilt; one I’d enjoy better.  And, in the meantime, I’ll have a quilt to donate, next time this would be an appropriate quilt to be donated.

Everybody have a great Friday.  If it’s not raining, we may be going to a high school football game tonight.  That is, depending on grades at the end of the day.  Rewards are an important thing.



lw said...

Love the rework on the satin stitching.

Interesting post, the number of different types of quilts would depend on how you categorize them. Since Joen was probably thinking in terms of color variations, I can see where she would see the types as infinite. Do you have a list of types? It would be cool to see that.

Anonymous said...

Lane, our paper was full of your rain. I remember the flash flood warning we had out there. You don't mess with Texas Flash Flood
warnings. Be safe. Hope it is not still raining. Did they find the female State Trooper who was washed away? I am praying for you.
Those sure look like fun things you are working on now. LUM