This morning, I made the big switch back to Rob’s choice for the 2014 Holiday quilt.  We all love it!


That meant switching projects and switching fabrics and switching machines and needles and thread and setting a new seam allowance.  But, it’s all on track now.

Mable must like this quilt.


Or, she was having a fit over a squeaky toy.

Anyway, we got the class ring thing figured out last night.  She knew what she wanted, but she didn’t know any of the costs.  I took the packet and first thing I said was, if I figure this out in four seconds, you’re not getting anything but a remedial reading class.  It took me 20 minutes to figure out the pricing, and then I just stumbled up on it…but once found, it was one of those moments of “how did I miss that?”  I even taught a bargain lesson in comparing the prices of the individual extras against a package deal with some compromise. 

At bedtime, she said she had assumed that this would be one of those things we would not do.  And, it made me sad to think she thinks she misses out on life’s milestones.  Read that last sentence again carefully, because I can assure you, it’s just her perception, not a reality.

I’m using my National Two-Spool to add the borders to the holiday quilt and wanted to point out that there is one on ebay.  I can say that now, because my friend that was looking for one has found hers.  There are pictures that show the spool case is included.  In my observation of these machines on ebay, the spool case is worth three times what the machine is being offered for, so even if the machine is damaged inside, you could potentially make all your money back, plus some.  It’s a fair price, but be sure to verify the shipping.  That’s a heavy cast iron machine and the shipping seems low to me.  It’s less than I paid to ship mine several years ago.  That was in the old days, when we complained about the cost of shipping, and before it went sky high.

Okay, so that’s it for me today.  A quilting update, a parenting update and a machine collecting update. 

Have a great Wednesday.  I’m writing legal documents.  Oh, joy of all joys.  Please, don’t let anybody catch me with my eyes closed because it truly will mean I am asleep.



lw said...

Add me to the list of folks who love that Christmas quilt.

I think the pricing on the rings is intentionally misleading and it makes me angry that it takes twenty minutes for an experienced adult to figure it out. What chance do teenagers or very busy parents have? Sheesh.

Out of all of my close girlfriends, I think only one of us got a class ring. It was just too expensive for the folks in our neighborhood. Most of us had to borrow dresses from older sisters and friends to go to the dances and proms. In the scheme of things, I don't think it hurt me, and I do have my signed and annotated yearbooks to help with the memories. I also have close relationships with the six other girls I went through high school with, and that's priceless.

Anonymous said...

Ah but don't forget that she has several sets of memories. It can take a long time to really absorb and believe a new reality. Elle

Anonymous said...

Oh Lane, I am sorry she felt that way. You and Rob are so generous with her, while trying to teach her about money. The class ring is something she will have as long as she wants to keep it. I sold mine for gold in 2012. No one knew except Daddy and I. I love the Christmas Quilt. Know you will enjoy it. lum

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am baffled by the concept of 'a class ring'. It does not exist here in Scotland. Who is trying to sell this ridiculous thing to teenagers?