Still breathing

I’m up to 5…almost 6 of the fun little depression era blocks. 


Block 6 is making me a little crazy.  Lots of little fiddly pieces.  But, I’ll get it. 

I made this block.


And, I wasn’t very fond of it.  it’s kind of wonky for me.  So, I decided to remake it differently.


And, I didn’t like it even more.  So, I took it apart and went back to the original. 


One or two of the squares in the top row of this block is too big.  Enough too big that it won’t go on and match points.  That will get some study and when I find the offender, I’ll take it out and trim it and off I’ll be.  I was very disappointed that I ran out of time to do that this morning. 

Everybody have a great Thursday.  Lane

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lw said...

I hate when my seams get off-- wider or narrower. I use a piecing foot, so there's really no excuse. How many blocks are you making?