A busy sewist…

I did get two quilts pin basted this weekend.  Plus other stuff. 

First, I completed the assembly on this top.  I think there is a a nice balance between the plain sashing and border and the applique blocks, which are the real focus of the quilt. 


Not quite what I expected.  The outer border changed colors on me as I was adding it.  The background red is the same red as the blocks. 


But, all the gold print on it makes it look like a tomato red, which is a more orange red, from afar. 

After that, there was a shirt making marathon that I’ll save for another post.  It’s kind of a tragic, happy story.

And, I got the two quilts pin basted.  Here is the first. 


I sat down and started quilting it yesterday and before I knew it, the center was done and I was out in the border.  That’s going to be a really quick finish. 

And, then I can move to Rob’s holiday quilt, which is pin basted and ready to go.  We can’t decide how to quilt it, so I’m just going to start out by outlining stuff and see where the quilt takes me.  


I warned him that it might end up like the little quilt that’s folded up in front of the black holiday quilt.  I took the same unplanned approach to it and it won’t tell me what it wants me to do next.  I am stumped.  Even Rob is stumped.  So, it’s folded up and waiting until some inspiration strikes.  Or dry rot.  Whichever comes first. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s back to work I go.  Friday was a nice day off, but I’m starting to realize that I work myself so hard when I’m off work that I need to get back to the office for some rest. 

They don’t expect so much from me there as I expect from me when I’m not there. 

And, they have pretty high expectations.


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