Finding inspiration

I have a holiday quilt that is making fun of me.  Every time I walk into the sewing room, I hear it…nah-nah!  You don’t know what to do with me.  nah-nah!

Stupid quilt.

I really should just pull something else out and pin baste it.  But, I can’t.  So, I’ve planned and tossed out a dozen ideas for finishing the quilting in this project.  Sometimes, inspiration is just a long way off. 

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t really concentrating on it.  Because this morning, I wrote half this blog post and then went to brush my teeth and because I was concentrating on it, an idea just suddenly came to me.  And, I think it’s a good one.  Oddly not related to tooth brushing, but hey, I have had good ideas during less discussable activities.  Who am I to question where inspiration comes from and when.

But, isn’t it a lovely thing that it does? 

Thanks to follower Mari, I now understand why I couldn’t follow some of your blogs using my dashboard.  I have created a bloglovin account and am working my way through my followers list.  If you have a blog linked to your profile and have posted to it in the last three months, I am probably going to be following you soon.

It was odd to work through my old list and wonder what happened to so many people and why they stopped posting.

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  Lane


Lakegaldonna said...

Hi Lane

Am I on your list? I don't know if I signed up or not. I have you bookmarked and I just visit you after 8 am sometime to see if you've posted.

Rebecca Grace said...

Your Christmas quilt is making fun of you?! That's too cute. My laundry is making fun of me, and so are the dirty dishes in the sink... My various quilts-in-progress are just disappointed in me, I think!

lw said...

I've got two ready to finish, but they're behind filing and I have no idea how to quilt one of them.

Of all of the bloggers I miss, I miss Rain's vintage sewing machine blog the most.

mssewcrazy said...

I have the blog loving app on my ipad. Do let us know what to do to still read your blog. I don't have a blog but definitely want to read and post. That Christmas quilt better stop making faces. It won't last long in its sassy unfinished state as quick as you are with the quilting. I'd be happy to get a simple runner done by December. Old and slow here. Lol!