The bachelor

No, not the TV show.  I can't imagine any incentive that would get me to watch the TV show. 

This is about my own bachelor weekend.  Rob and (hopefully) Sydney will be at the coast for the weekend, leaving me at home with the dogs and the cats and the fabric and the sewing machines, including the Bernina that Rob picked up for $40 in a thrift shop today...I haven't even seen it yet.

We will not be discussing the machine count in this post, but I can say that I am very close to not being able to count them using all my fingers and all my toes.  People think there's a problem with that.  But, I don't.

Speaking of vintage machines, that National two spool I mentioned the other day went for more than $250, and another that posted soon after, and had a case and an electric motor attached sold FOR MORE THAN $400!!!  It's a good thing I already have mine because I don't think I could afford one now.

I have a list of things I want to do this weekend...tile that needs re-grouting and carpets that need cleaning.  I want to finish a Linus quilt and make me a shirt and clear up in the sewing room a bit and slice up some scraps into the scrap user's system.  I won't have a bedtime, so movies til midnight,  and I might just eat bread and pickles for the weekend.  Or maybe I'll order a huge pizza and eat it cold for meal after meal.  The weather is going to be nice, so I'd like to spend mornings in the sunroom with my knitting and an audio book and part of the time out weeding in the yard. 

I've taken tomorrow off, so I have three days.  I wonder what I will do with them.  Isn't the anticipation of things so much better than the actual having of them?  There is just the smallest chance that I'll string up the hammock and spend three days napping in the breeze, listening to the birds sing.  You just never know with me.

I do not know how she did it, but Syd got all her assignments turned in and her grades are up.  I don't know how she can live so close to the edge.  But, it doesn't bother her.  We're frantic "where is the assignment?" "why haven't you turned it in?" and she's just laid back..."I've got it covered." 

Makes Rob and I CRAZY!!!

Okay, all.  Have a great Thursday.  I'll try to post pictures of whatever I get up to this weekend, even if it's just the view into the treetops from my hammock in the yard.



Scott said...

My jaw hit the floor when the $400+ Two Spool auction finished. I love the one I have, but I'm not certain I love it that much! LOL I hope you get your bachelor weekend, sounds like you have a great plan for it.

lindaroo said...

What a treat! Enjoy your weekend! We'll enjoy hearing about it later!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I sure could use a weekend without the husband and daughter but no chance in the world it will happen! I have a major project that needs attention, total attention and I just can't give it that. Enjoy your bliss! Give Sydney some props for being such an angel.

talkingcat said...

Nothing wrong with hammock time. Where I live hammock season is brief so must be savoured when available. Nothing beats the sound of the wind in the leaves while dozing, dreaming of quilting......

lw said...

Wow-- I only paid $100 for my two spool. If I didn't like it so much, I'd consider flipping it now that it's all clean and polished.

Your weekend sounds great! I may join you (over here in Virginia) by knitting and listening to music or the end of "Chessmen of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Rebecca Grace said...

Lane, I feel your parenting pain! This afternoon I'm paying a tutor to help my son go over the problems he got wrong on his math test, because he has an opportunity to retake it and raise his grade. And this momma does NOT remember any of that rational radical function whatever-it-is. But this morning my kid was unable to locate the test, and yelling at ME that I must have taken it! I am taking your advice to heart and spending my day with my sewing machine today, because that I CAN control!

Have a wonderful weekend to yourself. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a club or guild or something for people who collect sewing machines? Bonnie "Quiltville" Hunter is a machine collector. Maybe you two could start something. Or maybe a recovery program for those who wish to stop - good source for more machines for those still collecting. LOL.

Have fun with your free weekend.


Cynthia Landrie said...

It has been a while since I have stopped by and said hello! I am so glad to see that you are taking care of yourself and laying in the hammock (perhaps you are anyway!) I remember when Taylor Ann would go away and I thought I would get a lot done - I didn't! I hope you have a lovely 3 days, my friend.