Civil War block 10

Most of this weekend was spent making a shirt. 

Gotta tell ya’, not nearly as fulfilling as I thought it would be.  Hours and hours and hours spent getting a pattern to fit, then hours and hours and hours spent making the shirt…and we went to goodwill on saturday, where I got shirts for $6 each.  I have no incentive to continue to try to make clothes at this point. 

And, I’ve still got to do buttonholes and buttons.  The first machine I tried, a Pfaff from the 90’s makes an inconsistent buttonhole (half dozen right, but when I put my shirt in, it won’t do it.  Then, another half dozen right and I put my shirt in and it won’t do it again…needless to say I’m glad my Mother couldn’t hear what I had to say about that) and I can’t be bothered to keep trying with that machine, so it’s back in the closet and I’m trying one of my old fashioned buttonholers.

So, yesterday afternoon, I set it aside and did something different.

I made Barbara Brackman’s Civil War quilt block.


That’s number 10; just two more to go and I’ll have another UFO…

I’m doing something wrong here.  There should be more satisfaction from the things I do, especially if I’m going to spend all my free time doing them. 

Everybody have a good Monday.  Lane


lw said...

How frustrating, to make a sample to check the size and have it change its mind halfway through about your buttonholes. Yikes!

The civil war block is pretty cool, and your UFO turnover is pretty fast. Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

You work too fast and try to get too much done in a day's time. Relax and enjoy your work. Get outside as much as your can, won't be long and it will be too cold. The civil war block is great, can't wait to see it all finished. See, I'm rushing you to finish it. Sorry. Take care and enjoy life. lum

Kath said...

just two more to go and I’ll have another UFO…