Home again

Well, I’m about to decide the airlines have something against me traveling.  Remember that in August, the closest I could get to Cleveland was Dallas.  Well, it was starting to look like the closest I was going to get to Tampa was Houston.

There was a rainstorm that messed things up at the airport.  That was fine.  I wasn’t particularly in love with the idea of bouncing through a storm.  I hate bouncy flights.  And then, when they did get us on a plane, we were speeding down the runway when the pilot put on the brakes.  I heard him later say his check engine light came on.  There was some playful banter about a check engine light that had been on for two years, and others expressed their happiness that not everyone thought that way. 

There was a whole lot of bad customer service and some very good luck.  I  did what I learned to do long ago, when I worked in customer service.  Keep talking to people until you get the answer you want.  The third rep I talked to got me on standby for a flight that I made as the next to last person allowed to board.  That was the luck. 

The meetings were good.  I felt very involved, even though the thing I was involved in wasn’t really a big part of my job.  But, you know, it’s nice to feel included. 

I did knit in airports and planes and a little bit in the hotel.  I forget how long it takes to knit a sock.


So far, there has been very little ripping, but I confess to working that heel more than once.  Socks are my version of warm woolen mittens as a favorite thing.  These are very thick and will serve me well if I end up in Indiana in January (heaven forbid!)

Anyway, now it’s time to head back to work.  No rest for the worker bee.  Everybody have a great…what day is it?  Thursday?  Yeah, that better be it.  Or, I’m really late.


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