A mighty wind

We’ve had wonderful rains lately.  There’s no more talk about escalating water rationing.  That’s good.  But, it has come with winds.

We had a limb drop a couple weeks ago.  Nice sized limb, but nothing significant.  This week, we had a large one fall.  When cut into pieces and dragged out of the flowerbeds, it covers the back yard.


But, it doesn’t stop me from being able to enjoy the blooms.  I just climb through it.  We’ll get it cleaned up this weekend.



I don’t usually deadhead the phlox, but this year, I cut them back pretty early; as soon as they weren’t pretty anymore, but there were still a few straggly blossoms left.  And, they came back with a second bloom.  I think they always have, but I couldn’t see it beneath the dead blossoms.


Everybody have a great Wednesday.  I have the dentist this afternoon.  Yuck!  It’s so hard to appreciate the fact that I have good dental coverage because it means I’m always at the dentist. 



lw said...

We're having heavy rain today, but nothing like the branches falling in your yard. Glad they didn't crush the blooms!

At least with the dentist you're ensuring that your health will be protected. It's important to have good teeth and gums for your whole immune system. So as icky and invasive as it is, it's a good thing to force yourself through.

I am having an orthodontist fix my bite problems and we're just now into an icky part that involves elastics in addition to my braces. It reinforces the feeling that I'm being dragged through puberty backwards, screaming all the way. But this too will pass, and eventually I'll have a nice smile.

Anonymous said...

Maybe when it gets a little cooler, you could send a few phlox plants this way. Have several, but none that re-bloom. Glad the limb didn't hit the house or the green-house. We had terrible weather here Monday. Did so much damage all over the twin cities. None here except small limbs down. We have that every day. lum

Anonymous said...

We are having heavy rains too, in the PNW, after a dry summer. But no winds, that will come in the winter and the power will be down and we will freeze for a few days.