Another quickie

I did another one of those quick kit projects this weekend.  These were “learn to quilt” projects sold by JoAnn’s and there was a kit per month, each specializing in a different technique.  I picked up a couple from a clearance rack and this is the second one.  Cute.  Nothing I would have designed myself, but a great chance to enjoy some blanket stitch applique. 


I liked the blanket stitch better than the satin stitch and can certainly see me doing that again.  I even have a kit with several blocks that I would consider assembling this way, now that I’ve given up the idea of doing them by needle turn…Love needle turn, but it takes so loooooooong for me.


Anyway, we laid this little quilt out on the treadle machine in the foyer and can enjoy its “fall-ness”. 

That’s two knocked out of the park.  I also meant to get a Linus quilt pin basted this weekend, but it just didn’t happen.  We were so busy and there just wasn’t time to quilt. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  Lane 


mssewcrazy said...

That is such a pretty runner for the treadle. My treadle us feeling unloved after seeing this. lol! You are very talented and sewww fast with your projects.

lw said...

The runner turned out well. I just joined a quilting guild hoping to pick up some of the skills I don't have-- like applique.

Becky said...

It looks like it was designed for the treadle! Perfect place for it to be!
Have a great week!

Rebecca Grace said...

Wow -- you did that runner from start to finish in just one weekend? Even with a kit, that's impressive! Compared to you, I'm quilting away at the speed of glaciers... :-) I love the fall leaves, and it looks great on your treadle table.