A finish

A couple months ago, my friend L shared some things that belonged to her Mother.  One was a pre-printed whole cloth.  I decided to take it for my last business trip, where I worked on it some, but most of the work was done here. 

Because I was taking it on a business trip, I didn't want to take a hoop, so I quilted it without a hoop.  It's my first time to do that.  I have to say, I was more impressed than I thought I'd be.  It won't be my preferred method, but it worked just fine.

I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, so I decided to use a dark grey thread.  Who knew that a dark grey thread was going to show up as silver against the black background.  Really, it's a very dark thread to show as well as it did.  Now that I see it finished, I wish I'd used something else.  I wish I'd used a dusty rose pink.  I started with that thread and then stopped because I worried that my work wouldn't be good enough...

How many times have I missed the opportunity for art so I could be "safe".

Anyway, grey thread and all, it's lovely.

The pre-printed pattern didn't include the rope border.  But, there was all that fabric let over.  And, like nature hates a void, right?  So, I filled it. 

Of course, the binding had to be black, but I learned that all blacks are not the same.  The black binding is darker and richer than the original fabric.  I like that because it makes the binding stand out as a frame, but not really stand out. 

The back was another safe choice.  A small print dark grey.  It matches the thread.  You can't see anything.  See what I mean about safe choices?

Of course, not all safe choices are bad.  Safe choices are what keep society together, right?  We find acceptable places to make unsafe choices, like roller coasters and speed boats. 

Everybody have a great Thursday.  Lane


lw said...

Don't know about safe, but what a beautiful traditional quilt! The quilting is lovely.

Becky said...


Barb H said...

Lane, it's a beautiful quilt. I would say the gray thread is "subtle" or "dramatic" rather than "safe."

Elizabeth said...

It is gorgeous! I don't think pink thread would have made it any more amazing. You done good!

xo -E