All is well

Hi, all.  We are all well and managed to keep our heads above water.  If you missed it, Austin had torrential rains over the weekend.  They've now moved East and our thoughts are with Houston.

Saturday was nice.  Rob mowed the yard.  I spent most of the day cleaning the potting shed/greenhouse/garden room.

And, then I spent most of the rest of the weekend enjoying sitting out there and listening to the rain.  There was some rain I would not have been happy about sitting out there during.  But, most of what we got was nice thunderstorms, nothing scary.  The bad stuff seemed to happen after dark.  We had about a foot of water in the drain part of the yard last night, but it didn't get up into the house, which was nice.  Over the last few months, we've had water in our garage, but Rob figured out what was causing that, and we are draining appropriately again.  When we went to the store on Sunday, we saw tons of down limbs and trees across streets.  There was evidence of straight line winds that took out old oaks and fences along a line you could see.

We are near the bottom of a hill.  Across the street is one house lower than us.  And, behind them, a huge drainage creek that's usually dry and must have looked like a rushing river to that nice young couple all weekend. 

It didn't get into the shed either.  Even that part of the yard was draining well.

Anyway, thanks for your notes of concern.  It's nice to be loved. 

I didn't sew.  Which was weird.  I didn't have time.  I worked my bohonkus off all weekend.  I cleaned one of the refrigerators... like my Mom and Dad used to... where you unplug it and wash the whole thing down and vacuum the back and clean under it. 


And, I caught the new surface up as my main PC.  That took hours to do. 

And, I cleaned the grill... like with degreaser and rags and paper towels and a bucket of soapy water.  I got it looking nearly new. 

And, it made a great lunch yesterday.

So, my only pic is of the garden room/greenhouse...who knows what it is.  It's my sitting room when the weather is nice and it holds all our plants when it's cold out and there are tools and I store my soil bags there.  What does that make it?

A comfortable multi-purpose space.

I just heard thunder.  Guess it's time to head out and get us to school and work before it all starts again.

Be well.  Lane


Lakegaldonna said...

Thanks for the update. All of us out here in blogland appreciate your update about the storms. And yes, it is nice to be loved.

I like your multi purpose sitting room. It looks soothing. No sewing this weekend! I feel your withdrawal coming on. Have a fabulous Tuesday even if you have to be at work.

lw said...

Thanks for the update. My husband was in Houston all weekend and is flying home through thunderstorms today.
Your greenhouse looks like a great place to sit and visit.

Becky said...

I have been thinking about you all! Glad you're ok and hope you won't have to worry about flooding again for awhile!

Love ya!

Megan said...

Perhaps you could call it the conservatory, which the dictionary defines as: a room with a glass roof and walls, attached to a house at one side and used as a sun lounge or for growing delicate plants.

Surely having a conservatory would immediately at value to your house! LOL

Sydney, Australia

Elizabeth said...

I vote for calling it a sun room. Sounds like a lovely spot!

Also, thank you for whatever change you made to posting so that we can zoom in on your photos and see the details.

xo -E