We'd been at the choir concert about 10 minutes.  The full choir sang, and then a couple solos.  Scared kids that managed to get through their songs.  High School choir concerts are kind of a contract between the audience and the choir.  An unspoken agreement to give everyone the same level of recognition.

The boys choir sang.  Boys choir is iffy here.  It can go either way.  Singing in a high school choir is not the most macho thing in the world, which is weird, because where do most of the greats get their starts?  Anyway, they were above average last night, singing songs they liked and really giving them full force. 

Then, the boy walked up to the mic.  He was a big boy.  Not the kind to sing in front of a crowd.  He ran his hand over his short hair and wiped it on his pants leg.  The music started and he grabbed the collar of his t-shirt and wiped his mouth.  And, then he leaned into the mic and started singing.

At first, my eyes teared up at his courage.  He was obviously terrified.  And, the fact he stepped out there to sing on his own was enough.  But, then he started to relax.  And, he leaned in closer to the mic.  And, he sang a wonderful country-western song.  By the time he was done, I was crying as much as I'm sure his Mama and Daddy were.  And, I'm betting I wasn't alone.  I was as moved by his voice as his courage.

He was a turning point for the concert.  All the kids started to relax and the voices got bigger and the songs were fun.  The seniors all performed solos as did some of the Juniors.  The audience was respectful and encouraging. 

The boy's solo wasn't the only one that brought tears to my eyes.  It's so nice to see courage in young adults.  I hope nothing happens to discourage that.  I was inspired by their courage.  I hope I'm encouraging it in my teen.  Today, I'm facing the day with just a little more skip in my step because of the courage I saw at a high school choir concert. 

It's the little things, right?



Gisela Suski said...

Bravo, my grand daughter is in the senior choir and it helps with her shyness. The choir works very very hard and has travel to many different arenas. Colleges were impressed that she is in choirs. Peru accepted her right away.

Anonymous said...

So cool! Yes I, too, hope they never lose that courage. My son's band concert was last night. I get teary eyed at every one!!
Melissa in Texas

lw said...

I hope the boy's experience with courage goes on to make him a strong man. Wish I could have heard him sing.

Kath said...

I would have cried for sure, we're so alike me and you.

Megan said...

Is sure is Lane.

Sydney, Australia

Lakegaldonna said...

It's amazing. I also hope this event keeps giving that young man courage throughout his life. Thanks for sharing and your honesty about the concert.