Bound and ready to wash…almost

I sewed the last stitches into the binding of the Civil War Stars quilt this morning.  I was soooo excited.  I want to show off this quilt in class and on Monday at show and tell. 


Then, I remembered I haven’t trimmed the thread tails yet.  And, there are a lot of them.  Doo-doo.  So, I’ll be sitting around, trying to find very fine pieces of silk thread so I can lop them off at the root.  Picky, picky.

I want to use the quilt in class on Saturday as an illustration of another way that paper punching is useful in quilting. 


I’m going to show off these lovely Baptist Fans, and show the needle punched patterns I used to create them. 

I’m all packed to go.  The green box is for tonight’s Apple Core class and the black and yellow roller cart is for the paper piecing class on Saturday.  The featherweight will go to both. 


Yesterday’s appointment with the veterinarian didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.  While she is gaining weight, Nirti’s blood sugar is still very high.  So, we’ve increased the dose by another unit.

Okay, so the vet thinks I’m stupid.  It’s like every time I go there, I manage to say something stupid.  And, he’s not the kind of person that can let me walk away not understanding.  So, I end up getting an in-depth explanation of something that really didn’t matter.  It was all caused because the word UNIT is used two different ways.  One is on the insulin and one is on the syringe.  And, I didn’t realize they were different. 

Sydney and I have been doing an on-going algebra word problem.  We started with 100 units of insulin and if we gave one unit, twice a day for 10 days and 2 units, twice a day for 10 days, how many days of insulin do we have left? 

Except, instead of 100 units of insulin in the bottle, there are 1000 units of insulin in the bottle.  We’ve hardly made a dent.  I tried to explain my math, and I explained my daughter had been drawing up syringes and I hadn’t actually looked at the bottle.  He finally gave up on me and said, “I can tell you’re not mis-using the insulin or your cat would be dead.” 

Okay, that was kind of final, but it certainly ended what turned into a long discussion about nothing.  I sure didn’t want to be solving an algebra problem with him.

But, that’s okay.  I’m really liking the new vet, so I won’t complain too much about him taking time to make sure I understand what’s going on. 

Everybody have a great Friday.  My poor family is going to forget what I look like, I’m gone so much lately.  Oh, well.  I’m out there livin’ life…la vida loca!

My crazy life.

My crazy, fun-filled, expansive life.

Go get ‘em tiger!


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Kathy S said...

Lane, I'm a pharmacist- maybe I can help. The U-100 means 100 units per ml. The bottle probably contains 10ml so it will have 1000 units in the bottle. What you are measuring with the syringe is units; the syringe and the concentration of the insulin should both be for U-100 insulin. Love your blog, I aspire to be as ambitious a quilter as you some day. Kathy