Waiting and waiting

I’m not a good waiter…as in, I don’t wait well.  I get anxious.  And, that’s never good.

Today, Nirti has an appointment with the vet.  We had to carefully time her insulin today, so he can check her blood sugar.  She’s putting on weight and her backend is stronger.  These are all good things.  And, her eyes are doing better.  So, everything is positive. 

The only problem we’re having is food.  The two cats get different prescription diets.  And, of course, the prescriptions are the exact opposite of one another.  I thought I could get my cat to be a diva, and refuse dry food, so I started feeding her 4 times a day.  But, she still goes after his food, which is down all the time.  We’ve tried scheduled feedings with him, but he has a way of finding the food and spreading it everywhere when he gets hungry, and my cat feels like it’s polite to help him clean up the mess by eating it.

But, we’ll get that worked out, too.  It doesn’t help that the two cats go to different veterinarians, so the food comes from different places and nobody wants to give up their concession to the competition.  But, that’s just an inconvenience.  We work through those all the time.

Friday is the Apple Core class.  I am excited, and apprehensive.  This will be my first time to go to the guild’s Gift of Quilting event, where guild members teach classes.  The prices are very low, and the event is an expression of gratitude for volunteering at the quilt show last year.  Volunteers got to sign up first, then other members who didn’t volunteer, then non-members were invited to participate.  When they found out I was teaching the class to my bee as a practice run, the committee was worried that my class wouldn’t fill up for the actual event.  The normal class size is 8.  I have 13 registered.  So, with the dozen or so that were at my bee, and the 13 registered for this event, that’s a pretty good group of folks to have taught this method to.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see a quilt made out of the block I drafted in the next show…okay, maybe that’s a bit ambitious.

I finalized my fabric selections for the Apple Core and refuse to keep thinking about it. 


Honestly, I don’t use many pastels, or florals, or cutesy little puppy/kitten prints.  So, a class project seemed PERFECT to move these repros on.  But, look at what I selected…barely a pastel, only one large floral and no puppy or kitten prints at all, though there is a yellow chick on the dark red fabric.  (I think that fabric is my narrow inner border before the floral.)  As I dug through the stash, I could tell the ones I bought from the ones I inherited, or bought in larger bundles. 

This week, I did something I’ve never done before.  I pre-ordered a new computer.  I’ve always been of the opinion that I should wait and let the rush be over, and then I’ll see a lower price.  But, this time, I decided not to wait.  I bought a surface RT not too long ago, and I love it.  I only found a couple of things it wouldn’t do.  So, when I heard about the Surface 3, I began patiently waiting.  And, when I saw the commercial that we could pre-order for shipment on or before May 5, I did it.  Rob and I tend to use our laptops until they get out of date and hard to use.  And, my current laptop is just that.  Rather than buy a new laptop, I’m going with the tablet that theoretically can replace a laptop. 

And, while it’s still returnable, I’ll try those couple of things that the old one wouldn’t do.  If the new one will, then I think we’re going to get along very well.

But, I’m waiting…and waiting…and waiting. 

It’s good to anticipate. 

Anticipation.  Anticipay-ay-tion, it’s making me wait.  It’s keeping me way-ay-ay-ay-aiting.

There should be a little Carly Simon in every day. 

See ya’.  Lane

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Rebecca said...

Love the fabric choices you are showing....hope I get to see the "project" as you teach the class. Found you today and going to add you to the blogs I like to check to make sure I don't miss the next steps.