Tantalizing Tomatoes

Well, the Tantalizing Tomatoes block from my “Simply Delicious” applique quilt is almost done.  Some of the pieces around the edge aren’t sewn completely down.  There is a border that gets added, and these pieces will be appliqued onto the border.  I applique almost all the pieces down, leaving those that overhang incomplete because my work tends to pull in the background fabric.  After most of the pieces are on, like this one, I can trim the block to the size I want, add the pieced border, and then finish the little bit of applique. 

I’d love to take credit for that revelation, but the designers at Piece o’ Cake thought of it for me and included it in the instructions.  And, it’s a good thing.


It’s hard to sit inside and sew when this is going on out in the yard.




Things are growing so fast.  I can hardly keep the garden weeded…and most of what I’m weeding out is volunteers in places I don’t want them.  There is a point where abundant becomes invasive.

The birds and the bugs and especially the chameleons are loving the garden.  There are a lot of aphids on the daylilies, but there are also a lot of ladybugs eating those aphids.  And, hopefully, ladybug tastes bad to the chameleons…or maybe the chameleons are pulling their weight and eating aphids, too.  But, I can hardly walk around out there without something jumping from leaf to leaf and giving me a start, usually about 6 inches from my face when I’m bent over in an unflattering position, pulling out a huge length of the root of something.

I don’t scream.


Who can resist a picture of cats on a quilt?  Nirti is feeling well enough to take up her traditional spots, otherwise known as “in the way”. 


This morning, she chirped at Rob, and last night, she lay on her back in my lap and let me give her a big belly rub, to the accompaniment of her big bass drum purr that can be heard from across the room.  Little cat.  Big noise.

Everybody have a great friday.  It’s supposed to rain all weekend, which is a mixed blessing…April showers and May flowers, you know.  It means I won’t get to do anything in the yard.  But, it just might mean I get a lot done in the studio.

I’d like to finish the triple feathered star and get that border on Stargazer and piece a little something for me, and start a purse for Syd…

who needs sleep?

See ya’ at the sewing machine.



Piece by Piece said...

I envy you being able to pull weeds in your garden.
We had rain yesterday, so things will start to emerge from the soil soon, I hope.
I spent yesterday afternoon in my sewing studio ("studio" sounds so much better than "room") doing blocks for the six quilts I am making for the girls in the group that were adopted at the same time my 17 years old gd was.
Liking the way they are turning out.
Have a great weekend, I am hosting an open house on Sunday, hoping it will result in a sale, so I can get on with the rest of my life.

Lakegaldonna said...

Wow, green stuff in your yard and flowers too - drool.
39 degrees here and the grass is still dormant brown. No leaves on the trees but they are starting to show a bit of leaf buds.

We had two inches of hail last night here in the upper Midwest and it was shovel-able. Looking forward to some warmer temps. Glad Nirti is feeling better.

lw said...

I love the plaid tomato leaves. And all of the green stuff. We have daffodils and we're just starting to get buds opening on the trees. It is a very late spring this year.

Nirti looks like she's feeling better. I'm glad she has a friend to cuddle with, too.

Anonymous said...

Nirti should get with Snickers so they can compare illnesses. Your yard is beautiful. My early iris have just begun to show buds. Will be happy to see all iris in bloom. Take care, don't sew toooo much, enjoy your family. lum

Megan said...

Sleep is for the weak, Lane!

Sydney, Australia

Libby in TN said...

Your garden is looking great. About all I have is Lenton rose and Arum. Daffodils and forsythia have passed and dogwood is about gone. I do see some green on the azaleas.

Your applique looks great, too!